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feng shui energy flow: how to use feng shui to get unstuck

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feng shui energy flow: how to use feng shui to get unstuck!

Have you been feeling frustrated lately because things in your life don’t seem to be moving the way you want them to?

Do things feel stagnant or like they aren’t happening as quickly as they should?

Are you tired, exhausted, and ready to bring some fresh energy into your life and home?

If so, the feng shui energy flow in your home and life might be holding you back!

One of the best things about applying feng shui principles to your home is that it helps create better energy flow.

In feng shui, energy flow is Chi.

Chi is life force energy.

Over time, the life-force energy in your home can degrade and become stuck and stagnant.

Using feng shui in your home helps you remove old, stagnant energy and replace it with new, fresh, vibrant energy!

If you’re feeling stuck in life, that means the feng shui energy flow in your home could be a lot better.

In fact, it could mean the feng shui energy flow might be holding stuck energy somewhere in your home that you’ve overlooked.

The stuck energy in your home expands into stuck energy in your life, which makes the whole thing feel a lot worse.

woman meditating by mountain lake - feng shui energy flow

Here are 8 ways you can use feng shui energy flow to get unstuck!

One: Move 27 things.

Stuck and stagnant energy happens when items aren’t used, moved, or cleaned in a while.

Dirt, dust, and energy accumulate!

A feng shui cure for stuck energy is to move 27 items.

The number 9 is lucky in feng shui (2+7 = 9!) so moving 27 things will stir up the Chi and get things moving again!

If you are trying to manifest something specific in your life, like a new job, a new partner, more money, a new baby, a new home . . . anything you want to manifest but it isn’t happening for some reason, deliberately moving 27 things can help!

8 ways to use feng shui to get unstuck

The 27 items do not have to be large items, even 27 pieces of junk mail will count!

But the more items you choose to move all-around your home will really activate the Chi energy and get it moving.

You can move the things to new locations in your home, move them to clean & dust, or even get rid of them!

Just set the intention before you start that you are moving/cleaning/getting rid of the items to move the energy around your manifestations and call them into your life more quickly.

Get started and see what happens! (Click here to learn all about the magic of moving 27 things!)

woman meditating by lake

Two: Clean under furniture.

Another place in your home where stuck energy tends to hide is under furniture.

Most of us don’t dust, vacuum, or mop under furniture very often, which means the dust, dirt, and energy gets stuck under there.

If you haven’t done it in a while and you find that you’re feeling sad, frustrated, or like things aren’t happening for you, it’s time to move the furniture and get to work!

Not only will this help clear the air, but it will also refresh your entire space. (Click here to learn more about how you can manifest while you sweep and vacuum!)

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Three: Check out the bagua.

The bagua is the feng shui energy map of your home that shows you which areas of your home correspond to different areas of your life.

If there’s a specific thing you’re trying to manifest and it’s not coming, the bagua can help you diagnose the area of your home that you should focus on.

For example, if you’re trying to manifest a new partner, you would want to focus on the relationship area of the bagua as well as your bedroom.

Declutter, move items, clean intensely, and do other feng shui cures in that area specifically to help you move that stuck energy.

If you are trying to manifest a promotion at work, you would want to focus on your career area, your front door, and possibly travel/helpful people.

Click here to see the feng shui bagua map and how to use it!

woman in tree pose by lake

Four: Clean your windows.

Windows represent your view of the world, and also how others see you.

If your windows are dirty, you might not be able to see new opportunities whenever they are presented to you, which is one way you could be blocking manifestation.

Cleaning your windows will give you a fresh perspective and a clean slate!

Windows also allow fire energy into your home, which is activating and cleansing energy that accelerates your manifesting power.

Clean your windows with a little salt, vinegar, and lemon juice to really explode your manifesting energy!

Five: Do a powerful smudging ritual.

One of the things I like to do when I feel extremely stuck and foggy, or I don’t know what direction to go in, is perform a smudging ritual throughout my whole house.

Smudging removes old energy, negative energy, and charges the air with negative ions (which actually makes the air and energy in your home more positive!)

I smudge ANY TIME I feel like things are stuck, there’s been an illness in my home, there’ve been a lot of arguments or negativity, or any time things feel “off.”

Smudging removes those negative feelings, which leaves room for the positive energy to fill your home. Click here to learn more about smudging.

woman holding yoga mat

Six: Wash your front door and shake out your doormat.

One of the more “woo-woo” things in feng shui that a lot of people don’t do in “regular” life, is washing the front door.

Your front door is how energy enters your home, so when you want to invite in new energy and new manifestations, or if you want to get things moving in the right direction, the front door is a great place to start.

Clean your front door with water, a little bit of dish soap, and a pinch of salt.

This cleans the energy, while also wiping away any dirt or grime that’s built up.

Also, shake out your doormat and sweep all of the dirt away from your door.

Built-up dirt is stagnant energy, which blocks the new fresh energy from entering your home.

If you are really focusing on bringing something new into your life and it isn’t happening quickly, wash your front door at least once a week with the intention of showing the Universe you’re ready for new energy!

Click here to read more about how to feng shui your front door for good luck and opportunity (and money!)

woman doing yoga by lake

Seven: Check your mirrors.

In feng shui, mirrors not only double everything they reflect (which doubles the energy, both positive and negative) but they also represent how we see ourselves.

If your mirrors are dirty, then they deflect that energy and not only make it more negative, but they also distort it so we don’t see things clearly.

If you’re feeling foggy-brained, depressed, negative, and like nothing you do to move your life forward is working — check out your mirrors!

What do they reflect?

Do you have mirrors in your dining room that reflect your table, but your table is always piled with laundry or junk mail?

Do you have a mirror directly across from your front door (bouncing the energy that enters right back out?)

Are the mirrors in your bathroom or entry dirty?

I have a mirror in my dining room (which is also my wealth area) so any time I want to bring more money into my life, I check to make sure that mirror is clean, not blocked by anything, and is reflecting good energy into my home.

Take stock of every mirror in your home and you might find that whichever area of your life feels stuck, there might be a mirror in that area of the bagua that needs to be cleaned and/or the area needs to be cleaned so the reflection is fresh and vibrant!

woman in tree pose by lake

Eight: Check your personal feng shui energy flow.

When you’re feeling stuck, confused, or need clarity, don’t forget your own personal energy flow!

Energy gets stuck in your body, and causes illness and blocks manifestations.

You need to move that energy out of your body so that new energy (new thoughts and ideas, too!) can replace it!

Here are some ideas you can use to create your own energy flow, move that stuck energy out of your body, and get ready for new manifestations:

  • Play music and dance for 10 minutes
  • Sage yourself to clear your aura
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Go for a walk, do yoga, or an intense workout
  • Listen to uplifting meditations or mantras on youtube
  • Drink a glass of lemon water to stay hydrated and clear your vibration
  • Take a bath in epsom salt to clear your aura
  • Take a shower and do the light shower visualization (Take a shower and as the water washes over you, visualize it washing away all of the negative, stuck energy down the drain. Then visualize being bathed in golden light that is refreshing your aura and bringing you what you want!)
  • Journal 100 things you could do to help your manifestation (write out 100 ideas that could move you closer to what you want — write everything down, even if it sounds ridiculous or won’t work. The point is to get the energy moving with fresh ideas!)
  • If you’re feeling really negative or upset, hit a pillow and/or yell to move that energy out of your body.
  • Go outside and put your feet in the grass or dirt to ground yourself and your energy. Imagine the negative energy going down into the ground through your feet. Then imagine new energy coming up from the earth, filling your body with with healing, vibrant energy.

If you’re really feeling stuck, the most important thing you can do to get the energy moving is to just pick something and do it!

Even if you don’t feel like it will help, you really have nothing to lose by trying it!

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How does the feng shui energy flow work throughout your home?

Chi flows through your home like this: from the street, up to your home, into your front door, then throughout the rest of your home.

You want the Chi energy to flow freely from the street to your front door.

This means that anything blocking that energy can cause fresh energy to get stuck and miss your home almost entirely!

(Keep in mind that this is for a home where you control the surroundings. If you are in an apartment or condo, concentrate on the energy directly around your front door.)

mala necklace

Things to look for that can potentially block feng shui Chi energy flow:

  • Large bushes or trees blocking the front door.
  • Things hanging over the door.
  • Dead or sick plants.

Once the Chi energy is inside your home, it disperses throughout your home.

If you have a large window, a glass door directly across from the front door, a mirror directly reflecting the front door, or a staircase directly inside the front door, that energy can sometimes flow directly out the back, reflect right back outside, or go up/down the stairs.

This can cause the main floor to feel stagnant or lost.

woman in child's pose on yoga mat

A feng shui cure for energy, in this case, would be to hang a feng shui crystal from the ceiling to disperse energy, put a plant in front of the stairs or large window (or a window covering,) move the mirror so that it’s not directly opposite of the front door, or you can also use an attractive piece of artwork somewhere in the entry to draw the Chi energy into your main floor.

If you want to check the way the Chi flows in your home, walk through it yourself!

Start at the front door and walk through it.

  • Is there anything blocking you when you enter?
  • Do you notice anything dirty, broken, or that needs repairs?
  • Can you walk freely through your door or are there things in the way?

Walk through your home as you would if you’d never been there before.

Does the layout make sense?

  • Can you walk through each room or are there things blocking you?
  • Are there things in the doorways or large pieces of furniture blocking the flow?

Feng shui energy flow in your home is intuitive.

Think about the way wind or water would flow through your home.

If it would get stuck somewhere, stir up dirt somewhere, or flow out somewhere, then Chi energy would do the same thing.

The key to positive energy flow in your home is to remove the obvious problems first.

If there aren’t any, then use your intuition!

  • Is there something in your home that’s been bugging you for a long time?
  • Is there something you’ve been avoiding?
  • Is there something that would take 10 minutes to fix but you just haven’t gotten around to it?

Those things hold that energy and can keep you stuck.

Fix them or remove them and you’ll see very quickly how the energy shifts!

That’s because you removed the stuck Chi. And that’s the beauty of feng shui!

Want more feng shui tips to help get the energy flowing in your home and life? Check out:

8 ways to use feng shui to get unstuck


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