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feng shui for a healthy home (3 areas of your home you don’t want to miss!)

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feng shui for a healthy home (3 areas of your home you don’t want to miss!)

In order to create a feng shui healthy home, there are three areas of your home that are interconnected.

What are those three areas?

The kitchen, the bathroom, and your bedroom!

This is the Feng Shui Health Trinity. Each area plays its own role in the health and well-being of everyone who lives in your home.

feng shui for a healthy home

Here are tips for each of the three areas that will help you create a feng shui healthy home that supports your family and life!


The kitchen is one of the areas related to health because it’s where your family’s meals are prepared. When you have an abundance of healthy food in your home, that means you have an abundance of health and wealth!

6 feng shui tips for your kitchen to boost your health are:

One: Do not keep medicines in your kitchen.

Medicine means that there is an illness or other condition that needs to be treated, so keep medicines out of the kitchen.

feng shui healthy kitchen

Two: Keep your cabinets organized so that you can find things easily and quickly.

Keep the healthiest foods (that you want to encourage your family to eat) in the front and easily accessible.

Clear out any expired food items.

Get rid of any small appliances that you don’t use.

Anything that is unused, spoiled, or past its expiration date can accumulate stagnant energy. Plus expired food items can be dangerous to your health, which is the opposite of what you want in a healthy kitchen!

Three: Take out the trash regularly, and store the waste basket out of sight (if possible.)

The trash can represents stagnant energy, which can build up and affect everyone in your home.

Think about it: how many times a week do you argue with your family to take out the trash? 😉

Create a new habit to take the trash out every day or two and you’ll be rewarded with a healthier and happier home, not only from the trash itself, but also from clearing the air of the arguments!

Four: Keep your refrigerator clean.

Again, throw out expired or spoiled food.

Keeping your refrigerator organized and sparkly clean will take your health to a whole other level! Especially if you organize it so that the healthy food is within eyesight and reach.

If you want to encourage your children or other family members to eat healthier, consider creating a healthy snack drawer!

Five: Keep your stove and oven clean.

The stove is important for health, but is also considered a feng shui money magnet!

Make sure you keep it clean and that you use it often.

And don’t store things in your oven – use your oven! 😉

Six: Fix any drips.

If your kitchen sink drips, it is leaking energy from your home and that affects your health.

When you are creating positive vibrations in your home, you want to welcome that good energy in and keep it there!

Seven: Keep it smelling nice!

Use lemons in the disposal, keep your trash bin clean, and diffuse essential oils or light candles to boost the positive energy.

Bad smells = lower vibrations. Good smells uplift everyone and raise the Chi (energy.)


Bathrooms are another area of your home where energy can leak.

They can also get dirty quickly and can hold bad vibrations after someone is sick.

They also tend to accumulate items under sinks and in cabinets that stay there for a long period of time, which creates stagnant energy.

feng shui health bathroom

Feng shui health tips for the bathroom:

One: Declutter!

Throw out old shampoo bottles, old toothpaste, expired medications, and anything else that is stuck in the dark corners under the cabinets or closets.

Get rid of anything that you don’t regularly use and make room for new, fresh energy to circulate!

Two: Keep your toilet lids down and/or bathroom doors closed.

Toilets are the largest drains in your home, and they represent energy draining away, so keeping the lid closed will prevent the energy leaving your home.

Three: Fix leaks and repair broken items.

Again, leaks = leaking energy. And anything that needs to be repaired can also leak energy can create stagnant Chi.

Four: Keep it clean.

Bathrooms accumulate germs, which disrupts the positive energy in your home.

Cleaning the bathroom often also means that it’s ready any time your family needs it, and that is the basis of good health!

Five: Add plants.

Plants represent growth and well-being. They also bring wood and earth energy, which can help balance the flow of the water in the bathroom.

Six: Keep the mirrors clean!

Mirrors bounce and amplify energy.

They also reflect the image of YOU when you look at them, so you want that image to be clear and reflect good health back to you when you look at yourself!

feng shui health plants


Bedrooms are where your family goes each day to rest and recharge, so they are a necessary foundation for your family’s health and well-being.

They should be a sanctuary, and a space that each family member can call their own.

Feng shui bedroom tips for a healthy home:

One: Clean out from under the bed.

Keeping things under the bed can cause sleep problems, so keeping it clear can be helpful if someone is suffering from insomnia or nightmares.

If it’s not possible to not store things under the bed, make sure that the items are organized.

Also, make sure you take the items out from under the bed and clean and vacuum on a regular basis.

Two: Beds should have a headboard and be placed against a solid wall (if possible.)

Headboards and solid walls create stability, which creates restful sleep.

feng shui health home bedroom

Three: Beds should be in the command position, and not positioned directly across from a door.

The command position is the place where you can see the door from the bed, but the bed isn’t directly across from the door.

The command position helps you sleep soundly because your nervous system isn’t on high alert.

If the bed is in the path of the door, the energy from the doorway can also disrupt sleep.

So it’s better to be able to SEE the door from the bed, but not be in the PATH of the door.

Four: Remove electronics.

Electronics contain active energy, which can disrupt sleep and healing.

If it’s impossible to remove the electronics, keep them covered or stored in drawers while sleeping.

Bonus tip for creating a feng shui healthy home:

Open windows and window coverings frequently to let the sunlight and fresh air in!

This is especially important if someone’s been sick or cooped up in the home for an extended period of time.

And it’s also helpful after cold days, when the fresh air hasn’t been let in in awhile.

Fresh air stirs up the Chi, creates air flow, and replaces stagnant air with fresh, new energy. And sunlight is fire energy, which means it burns off the old, stuffy energy and replaces it with new, activated energy.

Both are great to have when you want to create a healthy home!

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feng shui for a healthy home (3 areas of your home you don’t want to miss!)