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How to Let Go of Your Manifestation (9 Easy Ways to Detach Yourself!)

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If you’ve been working on your manifestation process for a while, you’ve probably heard one of the keys to manifesting is letting go.

But the process of how to let go of your manifestation can seem mystical – like there’s no real trick to letting go.

In fact, you might THINK you’re letting go of your manifestation.

But how do you know for sure that you’ve let go?

How do you really let go of your manifestation?! What does that even mean?!

how to let go of your manifestation (woman meditating in park)

What it Means to Let Go of Your Manifestation

Letting go of your manifestation means that you’re no longer “working” on it.

You’ve taken your hands off of it and you’re letting the Universe bring you what you want.

You trust that the Universe is working on your behalf.

You do not need to MAKE your manifestation happen.

For example, let’s say you want your special person to text you.

Letting go would mean that you go about your day and do things that make you happy.

You fill your day with joy and accomplishment, unrelated to your special person.

You trust and know that your special person will text you at the exact right moment.

That is letting go.

You trust that your manifestation is coming no matter what it looks like in the physical realm.

NOT letting go would look like waiting all day for your person to text you.

Not letting go would mean you’re checking your phone every 10 minutes.

You’re checking TikTok or Instagram to see if your person is active.

And you might even drive yourself so crazy with waiting that YOU text your person instead of waiting for your person to text you.

That is the opposite of letting go.

That is trying to make your manifestation happen instead of trusting that it will happen!

Now that doesn’t mean that you don’t do your part.

If there is an inspired action that you feel you need to take, then DO IT!

woman sitting in meditation pose

Abraham Hicks says that you will often get little nudges from your Inner Being that tell you to do something.

Let’s say you’re meditating and once you’re done, you get the impulse to call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.

That phone call might very well be an inspired action that moves you on the path to getting what you want!

It’s very important to follow those impulses even if they don’t make sense to you.

Inspired action can give you much faster results than trying to make your manifestation happen without input from the Universe or Inner Being.

How do you know if the action is from your inner being or if it’s from your physical self trying to make things happen?

Usually, inspired action feels good.

It also doesn’t necessarily feel related to getting what you want.

It definitely doesn’t feel like you’re trying to make something happen.

And it definitely won’t make you feel sick to your stomach, waiting for the outcome to happen.

Signs that You Haven’t Let Go of Your Manifestation

Some common signs that you haven’t let go of your manifestation are:

  • You’re waiting or watching for it (like the text above.)
  • You’re constantly thinking about it (and not in a good way.)
  • You feel bad.
  • You feel like you’re doing something wrong.
  • You feel like you aren’t doing enough.
  • When you think about what you want, you feel like it’s never going to happen.
  • You’re constantly wondering if you should be doing something.
  • You feel desperate.
  • You feel like you aren’t good enough.
  • You have negative beliefs around your manifestation.
  • Your manifestation isn’t coming.

Have you ever been in this scenario?

You’re waiting on a package to be delivered. It was supposed to happen sometime today.

You’ve been waiting all day. Hours and hours have gone by.

You keep checking your porch and it’s not there. Or you keep checking the tracking number just to make sure the package wasn’t delivered to the wrong house.

By 4 pm you’re just frustrated and just know it’s not coming.

So you decide to go and get coffee or go run the errands you put off all day.

And the moment you leave the house, the package shows up?

That’s because you finally let go of it coming!

You finally took your mind off of it and decided you weren’t going to wait around on it any longer.

You were going to go and live your life and do the things you needed to do. And BAM! That’s when it showed up.

The same exact thing happens with manifestation.

When you’re waiting around on your manifestation to come, you are NOT in the state of knowing that your manifestation is coming!

In fact, you’re in the opposite vibration – you’re in the vibration of NOT having what you want!

woman meditating with legs crossed and hands in lap

So how do you let go of your manifestation?

Distract yourself.

If you have the time to watch for your manifestation to happen, you have too much time on your hands!

Do something fun instead!

Watch your favorite tv show, go for a walk, play a game – do anything that sounds fun. Keep your vibration as high as possible.


Meditation is an easy way to let go of your manifestation because you have to let go of all thoughts.

You can do a silent meditation or one that helps you stay high vibe, like a positive affirmation meditation.

Exercise or dance.

Moving your body is an excellent way to move stuck emotions in your body.

If you’re feeling like your manifestation is never going to happen or you are in a cycle of negative thoughts and emotions – MOVE YOUR BODY!

It helps remove the resistance out of your body and also creates endorphins.

It’s harder to be in a negative thought cycle when your body feels better.

Work on something else.

If you are trying to manifest money, for example, move on to a different manifestation!

Work on manifesting something fun and simple instead.

Ask the Universe to show you something unusual, like a bright green butterfly.

Or manifest a free coffee from an unexpected source.

Think of something small that doesn’t usually happen to you and ask the Universe to bring it to you!

This does two things: it distracts you so that you let go of your manifestation.

It also helps you build trust that the Universe is listening to you!

If you manifest tons of different random things all the time, pretty soon you’ll KNOW that the Universe is bringing you the bigger stuff too.

Work on limiting beliefs.

This isn’t really letting go of the manifestation, but it does let go of resistance.

Do a brain dump of every reason your mind can think of that says you can’t have what you want.

Write as fast as possible all of the reasons why it’s never going to happen.

Then go through one-by-one and disprove those limiting beliefs.

Are any of them ultimately true? (Hint, the answer is always no!)

Prove to yourself that you CAN have what you want!

If even ONE person has gotten what you want then you can have it too.

And even if you don’t know someone who has what you want, you can still have it!

Take a nap.

Taking a nap resets your vibration and lets go of resistance.

It also gets you out of negative thought patterns.

You might even find that what you wanted happened while you were sleeping!

woman meditating in sitting position

Work on a creative project.

Creative projects or hobbies use a different part of your brain.

You have to focus on something else in order to be creative – whether it’s painting, drawing, DIY projects, crafting, coloring, gardening, working on digital designs – whatever you’re into, you can use it to let go of your manifestation.

Doing something immersive rests your brain.

You’ll often find that you get an inspired nudge to do something or receive a random answer to your question while you’re being creative!

That’s because you’ve let go of resistance and the Universe is starting to bring you what you want!

Move 27 things.

Moving 27 things in your home is a way to move energy and get unstuck!

It’s a feng shui trick that can help move stuck energy in your home and get you into a flow state.

The bonus is that you have to move in order to move 27 things! For more info, see this post: Moving 27 Things Feng Shui Cure

Remind yourself that you’ve let go.

Any time you think of your manifestation and how it’s not coming, remind yourself that you’ve let go and the Universe is working on it.

Instead of letting yourself get into a downward vibration cycle, stop yourself!

Say to yourself “We aren’t thinking about that right now. The Universe is working on it!” and then distract yourself and go about your day.

Sometimes we just get into a habit of thought, and this is an excellent way to drop it and get yourself back on track.

The Universe IS working on it!

Final Thoughts about How to Let Go of Your Manifestation

While letting go or detaching from your manifestation usually means that you will manifest more quickly, sometimes it can also be a sign of resistance.

Don’t “let go” because you’ve decided that you’re not going to get what you want anyway, so you might as well give up.

That’s not letting go, that means you’ve given up!

It’s not possible to give up on a dream.

Work through your resistance and believe that you deserve to get what you want, because you do!

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