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feng shui to create clarity – 6 feng shui tips to clear confusion and stuck energy!

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Did you know that you can use feng shui to create more clarity in your life? If you are feeling discouraged, confused, or need clarity around a certain decision you need to make in your life – feng shui can help!

feng shui to create clarity

Here are 6 feng shui tips to create clarity!

One: Check the feng shui bagua map.

The bagua is the feng shui map of your home that shows you which areas of your home relate to the different areas of your life. If you need clarity in a certain area of your life, the bagua will show you which area of your home will be the best area to feng shui.

If you need to make a financial decision, for example, you will start with the money area of the bagua.

Or if you need to make a decision about your child’s schooling, you would start with the children area and possibly the knowledge area.

The bagua map makes it really simple to figure out which area needs attention. Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map and how to use it in your home!

feng shui for decision making

If you don’t have a certain area of your life that needs clarity, and instead you are just feeling generally confused and need more energy and mental clarity, these tips will work for your whole house too!

Just start in the knowledge/wisdom area and the health area to give yourself an overall boost!

Two: Declutter!

Decluttering is always a great place to start when you need clarity in your life. Clutter represents stuck energy and it can create foggy thinking and general frustration.

Objects in your home hang on to energy. Every time you look at the things in your home, your subconscious remembers the feelings you have about that object.

If it relates to something you find unhappy or frustrating, you will feel those things when you see the item!

This is why it’s sometimes so hard to clear clutter and why we tend to just shove it in a closet or in the garage — it’s easier than making a decision about those things.

feng shui for clear thinking

Even if you just have junk drawers or an overstuffed closet full of clothes — anything in your home that causes you frustration can hold stuck energy and create foggy thinking — two things you don’t want if you need clarity!

Choose one area of your home that irritates you and clean it out. While you’re organizing and decluttering, set the intention that you are creating room for the clarity you want.

The universe doesn’t like a vacuum. Whatever answer you seek will come to you once you make room and set the intention to receive it!

Three: Clear out the old energy.

Stagnant energy doesn’t just collect around clutter. It also can collect all over your home.

feng shui stuck energy

The energies we bring into a space, arguments we’ve had, frustrations or sadness in our lives, even the energies of people who lived in your home before you — all of these things can build up in a space.

The great news is that feng shui can help you remove those energies and create a fresh start!

Three ways you can clear out old energies and make room for fresh, vibrant energies are:

Salt bowls: salt absorbs negative energy in your home so that you can easily throw it out!

Put out small bowls of salt in the corners of the room you want to clear (or the whole house, if you are needing overall clarity) and leave them for 24 hours (or 48 hours if you are really feeling stuck!) and the salt will absorb all of the old energy.

You can then throw the salt out in the garbage (make sure you take it outside) and your home (and your personal energy and the energy of everyone else in your home!) will be refreshed and renewed!

Bowl of lemons: if you don’t want to lay out bowls of salt, a bowl of lemons will also work!

clarity feng shui

We all know that lemons are one of the most natural ways we can cleanse our home — lemon juice is in so many cleaning products for a reason!

Setting out a bowl of lemons in your home will also absorb all of the negative energy in your home so that you can create a fresh start.

Place the bowl in whichever area of the bagua corresponds with the area you need help with, or for overall clarity, place it in your health area or in your kitchen.

Smudging: smudging with sage or other herbs has been proven to change the energy of the space, which means it creates more clarity!

I recommend smudging your whole home and the aura of every being who lives in your house!

Smudging itself can help you make decisions, clear foggy thinking, and remove general negativity and bad feelings. Click here to learn exactly how to smudge!

Four: Turn on the lights!

In feng shui, light is fire energy. Fire energy is bright, vibrant, and burns off old, frustrated energy.

If you need clarity, turning on the lights around can light up your thoughts and help you think more clearly!

If you need to make a decision, turn on the lights in the knowledge/wisdom area of your home for at least 3 hours a day.

feng shui for clear thinking

You can also change out the light bulbs in that area for higher wattage bulbs!

If you need more clarity around work or need to create more energy and ideas in your work, you can do the same for lights on your desk or in your office!

Place a lamp on your desk (if you don’t already have one) and keep it on while you’re working. This will help burn off your old, stagnant ideas and create more clarity and focus!

Similarly, opening your windows and curtains can also help create clarity!

Sunlight is fire energy, while fresh air can help stir up the Chi (life force energy) and create movement and momentum!

Open the windows at least once a week (even in the winter!) can help everyone in your house feel refreshed!

Five: Fix broken items and leaks.

Broken items, unfinished projects, and leaks in your home represent unfinished business in your life. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, those items create a drain on your energy (not to mention your finances!)

feng shui epiphany

Fixing those items frees up the energy that your body and subconscious are holding on to.

Even if you feel like those items aren’t bothering you, you’ll be amazed at how much energy you will have in your life once you fix them!

That energy can help you create momentum and help you make decisions – no matter which area of your home the items are in.

So if you have broken items in the garage, getting rid of them can help you make decisions in your work or love life – even if that isn’t where the garage falls in the feng shui bagua map.

Anything in your life that drains your energy can cause foggy thinking and low energy in all areas. Two things you don’t want if you need clarity in your life!

Six: Boost your personal feng shui energy.

When you’re trying to make a decision, or you’re feeling stuck and frustrated in your life, it can be easy to want to run and change all sorts of things in your environment but neglect your personal aura and energy!

Everything you do in your home will also help your personal energy, but don’t underestimate the power of clearing up your own energy field.

personal clarity feng shui

Here is a personal clarity exercise you can use any time you feel stuck:

One: Make a list.

Find an area of your home where you can sit for at least 10 minutes without being interrupted.

Take out a piece of paper (don’t do this in a journal you want to keep because we are doing a sacred clearing ritual with it!)

On the paper, make a list of everything in your life that you’re struggling with and that you need help with. Write and write until you can’t write any longer.

If you have a certain decision you need to make, you can write just the one thing.

But if there are a lot of things in your life that you need clarity on, things that are worrying you, or if you’re just generally frustrated and stuck, write everything you can think of!

Two: Light a candle.

Any candle will do! Take the piece of paper (or pieces, if there are more than one!) and place it under the candle.

Set the intention that everything on the list is taken care of in the best way possible for everyone involved.

While the candle is burning, feel the feelings of clarity, excitement, and relief of the decision being made, and the mental focus you desire feeling.

Leave the candle lit for 8 minutes (8 is a lucky number in feng shui!) and sit in stillness, imagining how much better you will feel once everything on your list is taken care of.

If you’d like, you can play calming, meditative music, or do a golden light meditation!

Otherwise, just sit in stillness, feeling the feelings of being free from this decision and everything being completed for the good of everyone involved.

(Bonus tip: Do this clarity exercise in the knowledge/spirituality area of your home for an extra boost!)

Three: Once the 8 minutes are up, take the piece of paper and write on it: “IT IS DONE! This or something better!”

Now it’s time to dispose of the paper. You can either tear it into little bits, or burn it! If you burn it, take it outside in fire safe dish so that you don’t set off the fire alarms! Be sure to take a glass of water out with you in case the fire gets out of hand.

Otherwise, tear it into little pieces and throw it away. As you throw it out or burn it, imagine the Universe responding to your needs and giving you the clarity you desire!

Now that you’ve thrown out your problems and bad feelings, any time you think of the things on the list, thank the universe for taking care of it and giving you the clarity you desire.

Make sure you tell yourself that this thing that’s frustrating you is taken care of, and you no longer have to worry about it!

Remember: clarity often comes when you AREN’T looking for it!

It can be elusive if you’re beating yourself up over making the decision or feeling better.

Do all of the feng shui exercises on this list and declare to yourself and the universe that you have the clarity you desire.

But once you’ve done that, it’s time to LET IT GO.

Think of it this way: once a decision is made or you know what you want, do you constantly question it or think about it? Not usually!

Getting your energy in line and expecting the solution to come is 3/4ths of the battle.

Most likely the decision will come to you out of nowhere, while you’re doing other things. Try not to worry about it and expect the answers to come!

Now that you know how to use feng shui to create more clarity in your life, you might want to try:

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feng shui to create clarity – 6 feng shui tips to clear confusion and stuck energy!