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7 feng shui summer tips to make your home feel like a vacation

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In feng shui, summer is all about the fire element:  heat, sunlight, passion, fame, inspiration, bright colors, and lots of movement. 

This is what is considered “yang energy:” activating, fast-moving energy. 

When you think about summer in the northern hemisphere, fire and yang energy make sense. 

It’s the time of bright, warm energy, where everything grows and expands.

Summer is often the time of vacation, relaxation, and spending time with the ones you love.

7 summer feng shui tips to make your home feel like a vacation

Here are 7 feng shui summer ideas to make your home feel more like a vacation!

One: Spend more time outside.

If you have a home with a yard, summer is the time to be outside enjoying it!

Your yard and landscaping are important in feng shui because they surround your home. 

Chi (life-force energy) has to pass through your yard in order to enter your home. 

So your exterior is just as important as your front door to welcoming Chi and fresh energy into your home and life. 

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and create the yard of your dreams – then spend time enjoying it!

Front yard tip:  If you have the room and would like one, adding a fountain to your front yard can attract wealth energy!

Make sure the water flows towards your home and that you keep it clean and sparkling. 

Water is wealth energy, so the water flowing towards your home represents wealth energy flowing into your life. 

Fountains can also attract birds, which create welcoming Chi. 

Part of the reason resorts feel so luxurious is that they often have large fountains that welcome you as soon as you enter the property. 

Recreate this feeling at home and increase the feng shui summer wealth vibes at the same time!

ice cream strand of lights on grass

Back yard patio: Patios are considered bonus areas in feng shui – they enhance whichever bagua area they touch.  (Click here to see the feng shui bagua map and how to use it in your home!)

My back patio, for example, is directly touching my home’s love and relationship area. 

That gives me extra space for relationship enhancements! It also means any time I spend out there in that area is extra time in the love/romance department! 

Not to mention just the overall mood and health benefits of being outside. 

Once you know which area your patio is connected to, you can use specific enhancements out there to double your feng shui. 

Or when it comes to making a feng shui summer patio, you really can’t go wrong decorating it with things you love. 

Make your patio a space where you enjoy spending time and you’ll stir up the Chi and create a welcoming patio that fresh energy loves to play in!

Some ideas to make your patio feel more like a resort: 

  • Hang inexpensive curtains
  • Create a welcoming seating area with fun, bright cushions
  • Hang outdoor lights and/or lanterns
  • Bring in colorful plants (red and orange are a bonus for summer!)
  • Add candles or a fire pit
  • Add music
  • Add a mister
  • Create a shaded lounge area with umbrellas and pillows or lounge chairs, or hang a hammock!
colorful garland on beach towel

Two: Think about air purification and how your home smells.

Scent can go a LONG way towards making your home feel like a resort vacation. 

Switch out your candles, air fresheners, and diffusers for summery scents that feel special! 

If you run your air conditioning a lot, now is also the time to switch out your air filters.

You don’t want to recirculate stagnant energy, so clean the air filters and vents often. 

You can also open the windows every few days to help the fresh air circulate (even for just a few minutes!) 

Smudging with different herbs and incense in the summer can also help purify the air and make your home feel like a spa or resort. 

Spas tend to use natural scents like lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint so if you haven’t ever used those in your smudge wands, try them and see if you like them!

(Click here to learn more about how to smudge your home.)

Three: Open the curtains.

Opening the windows isn’t the only way to change how your home feels. Opening the curtains more in the summer can bring the bright, summer vibes into your home too. 

Sunlight is fire and yang energy, which also burns off the stagnant energy in dark rooms and corners. 

This can make your home feel completely different, so if you’ve spent a lot of time cooped up in the air conditioning, opening the curtains and blinds for even 10 minutes can give your energy a refreshing break. 

Don’t forget to move your indoor plants around towards the sunlight too – you aren’t the only thing in your home that will benefit from the extra summer sun!

Bonus summer feng shui tip: Switching out your curtains for lighter, brighter options can give your home more of a resort feel.

You can get inexpensive curtains on Amazon or even use white sheets.

And while you’re at it, hanging your curtain rods closer to the ceiling will draw your eye upward and lighten up the whole space!

book and sunglasses on beach towel

Four: Refresh your front door. 

The front door is always important in feng shui, and switching up the decor on your porch or door with the changing seasons is always a good idea! 

You can clean your front door any time you need a boost, but changing out your front door wreath and doormat for summer can refresh the energy in your whole home and change how you feel every time you enter! 

Fire colors are the colors of summer, so adding red or orange flowers outside your front door will help attract that active, vibrant energy. 

You can also add a wind chime to stir up the Chi and engage all of your senses when you enter.  Click here to learn more about how to feng shui your front door.

Five: Add accent colors and/or switch out your decor for summer. 

The colors most associated with summer and fire energy are bright red and orange. 

If you switch out your decor with the seasons, adding some pops of fire colors to your shared living areas can make your whole household feel more alive. 

If you aren’t naturally drawn to bright colors in your decor – try them just for the season!  Just a few throw pillow covers can change how your whole home feels both energetically and physically!

Conversely, if you find that you and your family spend a lot of time being active in the summer, you can add more cool, calming colors like blues and greens to your home so that it’s more relaxing when you’re there! 

This can help your home feel more like a resort, too!

colorful string of garland on tile

Six: Clean your car. 

If you find that you’re on the go a lot in the summer, don’t forget your car! 

If you normally take a vacation and rent a car, you know how special it feels to be in a newly cleaned car. 

Take some time to clean out your car – paying special attention to the windows and mirrors (which represent how you see the world while you’re out and about!) 

And don’t forget how your car smells! 

Smell can really change how you feel in a space, so adding a new air freshener to your car can completely alter how you feel while you’re commuting.

Seven: Create a spa-like bathroom and bedroom. 

One of the biggest reasons going on vacations and staying at resorts feel like such a treat is because they aren’t full of the things that usually weigh us down.

If it’s been a long time since you’ve cleaned out your bedroom and bathroom, give yourself that gift for the summer! 

Clean off your nightstands, put away the laundry, get a new hamper — even just organizing things can change how your spaces feel. 

If you want to, you can even buy new, lighter bedding and towels, or even a new shower curtain. 

Light some candles and put a few drops of eucalyptus in the shower and your bedroom and bathroom will feel like your very own retreat!

Bonus: If you have a lot of clutter or old decor in your bedroom and bathroom, box it up.

You don’t have to get rid of it just yet (if you don’t want to!) but clearing it out can get rid of that visual weight in the room.

And if you find that you don’t miss the clutter, it will be a LOT easier to get rid of it later!

book and sunglasses on beach towel next to pool

Even more feng shui summer enhancements:

The area of your home most associated with summer feng shui is the fame and reputation area. 

This area is the back, middle one-third of your home, when you’re standing at the front door, looking inside. (Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map so you can locate your fame area!)

To enhance the fame/reputation area for the summer season:

Clean and declutter. 

Check the fame area for dirt, grime, broken items, and/or clutter. 

Pull everything out and spruce it up! 

Double-check that you aren’t keeping a lot of broken items or items you no longer like in this area. 

Check photos and/or artwork. 

Do you have photos in this area that represent who you used to be and not who you are or where you want to go? Are there pictures of old relationships in this area?  Do you have artwork here that you no longer love? 

Switch out your photos for more current ones, change out your artwork if you don’t love it anymore, and make sure you aren’t keeping old books or things you no longer want to be known for in this area. 

You can also add things to this area that represent your current accomplishments and things you DO want to be known for in order to boost your reputation.

ice cream light on palm tree leaf

Add some fire energy. 

Add some red or orange, triangle-shaped objects, or even candles to this area to give your reputation a boost. 

Fame and reputation means how you are seen by the world, so that is helpful even if you don’t want to be “famous!”

Don’t forget: these things do not have to be visible in order to work! You can always add colors under furniture, in drawers, or behind decorative objects if red isn’t a color you like. 

Shine a spotlight on it. 

Do you have any goals, hobbies, or work that you need to accomplish this season? Would you like a raise, promotion, or a new job? 

Summer is the time to shine a light on YOU and what you’d like to accomplish. 

You can add a lamp to this area of your home (or the fame/reputation area of your office or desk!) to draw more attention to yourself and your accomplishments. 

You can also up the wattage of your light bulbs in this area to add more fire energy. 

Get ready for all eyes to be on you!

tray of drinks on beach towel

Bonus summer feng shui tip:

Refresh your feng shui cures and set new intentions. 

If you have feng shui enhancements in your home, the changing season is a great time to refresh them.

Clean out your feng shui salt water cure, your feng shui wealth bowl, and even your wallet and purse to clear room for the summer energy! 

It’s also a good time to revisit your vision board and update your goals and dreams! 

You can make summer feel like a fresh new beginning and give yourself a whole new outlook on the rest of the year.

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make your home feel like a vacation with these summer feng shui tips

7 feng shui summer tips to make your home feel like a vacation