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feng shui to remove negative energy from your home (and life!) – 10 easy to follow tips!

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feng shui to remove negative energy from your home (and life!) – 10 easy to follow tips!

Has your home been feeling stuffy and low vibe lately? Has your family been having a lot of arguments? Have a lot of things in your home suddenly broken or gone wrong? Do you want to remove the negative energies and replace them with happy vibes?

Good news!  Feng shui can help you remove negative energy from your home and allow new, positive energy to take its place.  It also helps those new, high vibrations move freely in your space so that you uplevel not only at home, but also in your life outside of the home!

how to remove negative energy from your home (and life) with feng shui

How do you use feng shui to remove negative energy?

One: The first, most obvious way you can remove negative energy from your home is to DECLUTTER!  If you’ve learned anything about feng shui, you know the basis of all good feng shui is to remove clutter.

Everything in your life and home is energy.  And as we accumulate things in our homes, those things have emotional energy attached to them.  They also take up space that could be used by someone or something else.  Those feelings and energies attach to those things to the point where every time you look at them, you feel those emotions.

This is part of the reason it’s so hard to declutter: as you look at or touch the items you’re considering getting rid of, those feelings come back and can overwhelm you to the point where you don’t feel like dealing with it anymore.  This is completely normal!  There is nothing wrong with you.

How do you start decluttering those items without feeling negatively?  Well, you don’t really.  But you can start decluttering despite those feelings. 

Think of it this way: if you remove those items, you remove those feelings from your home and instantly remove the negative energy as well.  The overall vibrational frequency of your home will lift and those negative items will no longer be attracting more negative energy.

Set a timer for 10 minutes and tackle ONE area and see how much better it feels!  Now imagine feeling that way about your whole house.

One way to remove negative energy from your home: open the windows!

Two: Open your windows (yes, even if it’s cold outside!) Opening your windows lets the old, stagnant energy out and the new, fresh energy in.  It also helps the air and Chi (energy) to circulate, which will clear out the negative vibrations. 

You can leave your windows open for just 5 or 10 minutes and immediately feel the positive effects.  If you can’t open the windows, you can also turn a fan on to circulate the air and open your door to let the negative energy escape.

Three: Set out salt bowls. Fill small bowls with sea salt and set them in the stagnant areas of your home – paying attention to dark corners and rooms you don’t use often. 

Salt absorbs negative energy and can also stop negative energy from entering your home.  Leave the bowls out for about 24 hours (longer if the space is feeling really negative) and then throw the salt in the trash.  That way the negative energy is thrown out of the house.

Four: Smudge your home.  Smudging removes negative vibrations and invites fresh energy to take its place.  You can read all about smudging here. 

Make sure you also smudge in the corners of rooms and in closets and cabinets.  Energy tends to get stuck more easily in those areas because they aren’t used very often.

Five:  Play upbeat music.  Music has its own vibrational frequency, and if you’ve ever been moved by a song, you know this is true! 

If you are feeling negative vibes in your space, play upbeat music on purpose to move the energy.  Bonus points if you play it while you’re smudging, to help the negative vibes leave your home!

Six: Clap, ring a bell, or use a broom in the corners and ceilings of your rooms.  Similar to smudging and playing music, clapping, bell ringing, or using a broom helps break up the negative vibes.

remove negative energy by playing upbeat music

Seven: Clean your windows and mirrors. Any time you’re feeling negative energy, it can help to see things from a new perspective. 

Windows and mirrors often reflect our perspectives back to us, and keeping them clean helps clean the negativity out of our vision. It also lets more sunlight into your space, which will burn off the negative vibes.

Eight: Fix broken items, finish old, unfinished projects, and replace burnt out light bulbs. 

Similar to decluttering, broken items carry negative energy.  Every time you look at them, you’re reminded that you need to fix them.  Or in the case of unfinished projects, you’re reminded that you haven’t finished them. 

Burnt out light bulbs also reflect burnt out energy, so if you’re feeling negativity in your space, be sure to check all of those things and make a plan to fix them ASAP.

Nine:  Wash your front door with salt water. Fill your bucket with water, a drop of dish soap, and a pinch of salt water.  If you have lemon essential oil, you can also add a few drops, or even add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.

Scrub the inside and outside of your front door.  If you have a screen door, make sure that you clean that as well – either with a broom if it’s mesh, or windex if it’s glass. 

In feng shui, the front door is how new energy enters your life and home.  If you’ve felt negative energy in your home, cleaning the front door is a signal to the universe that you are ready for positive changes, and it makes sure that when that new energy comes to your door, it is welcomed with open arms. Click here to read more about how to feng shui your front door!

Ten: Clear your own energy. When you feel negative energy in your home, don’t forget that you can be a big source of how your home feels – both positive and negative!

If you’ve been dealing with a lot of unwanted things in your life, or if you’ve been arguing with people or feeling depressed, those feelings can linger in your home. 

Once you’ve cleared out those negative vibes from the inside of your home, make sure you clear your aura too!  You can take an epsom salt bath, smudge yourself, or even do a shower meditation. 

How to do a shower meditation: When you’re in the shower, imagine all of the negativity that you’ve felt as you’ve gone throughout your day, washing off of you and going down the drain. 

If you smudge yourself, imagine the smoke taking that negative energy away with it as it dissipates. 

Or if you take an epsom salt bath, imagine the salt absorbing the negative vibes from your aura and washing them down the drain.  You can even do this on a daily basis to keep your aura and energy field clear.

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feng shui to remove negative energy from your home (and life!) – 10 easy to follow tips!