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What Are The Feng Shui Bagua Colors?

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If you’re looking for the feng shui bagua colors, chances are you’re looking for how you can apply them to your home in a harmonious way. When you first look at the bagua, it can be really confusing, but it isn’t.

what are the feng shui bagua colors?

To understand the bagua colors, let’s first look at the bagua itself.

In Western Feng Shui, the bagua map is divided into 9 equal squares and then that map is overlayed onto your home. This determines the different areas of your life, and the feng shui cures you can apply there.

Each of the 9 areas of the bagua are also associated with colors that create harmony in that space. Sometimes when people learn the colors of the bagua map, they think it means they have to go crazy and make each area of their home a different color.

colors of the bagua map

The whole point of Feng Shui, and the colors, however, is to create balance and harmony. If you LOVE color and want each area of your home to be different, then by all means, add all of the color you want! 

But if you can’t see yourself living with a bright pink room, then I have a secret for you:  Feng Shui cures, and certainly the feng shui bagua colors, do not have to be out in the open in order for them to work!  You can actually use the bagua colors inside drawers or behind pictures and still get amazing results.

Let’s go through the colors of the bagua:

Top Row:

  • Wealth & Abundance  – blue, purple, red
  • Fame & Reputation – red
  • Love & Marriage – pink, red, white

Middle Row:

  • Legacy & Family – green
  • Health – yellow, orange, brown
  • Children & Creativity – white

Bottom Row:

  • Knowledge & Spirituality – blue, black, green
  • Career & Life Path – black
  • Helpful People & Travel – gray, white, black

The feng shui bagua colors are also closely tied to the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.  Each color represents aspects of the elements, which will also help you bring harmony to your space.

You don’t have to start buying construction paper and lining all of your drawers. 😄 But knowing the colors means that you can be mindful of them when you’re decorating or when you feel like certain areas of your home need a boost.

what are the colors of the feng shui bagua map?