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feng shui tips for selling your home fast!

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Can you use feng shui to sell your home?

ABSOLUTELY! If you’re just about to list your home for sale, or even if it’s been for sale for a while, feng shui can help you sell your home fast!

Feng shui tips for selling your home are all about how to energetically prepare your home for new owners. 

You want your home to be warm, welcoming, and ready for someone new to come in and make it their own! 

Homes carry an energetic blueprint (called predecessor energy) that ties it to the current or prior occupants. 

A lot of times this energy is what makes selling your home difficult. 

As long as your home is energetically tied to you or the previous owners, it can make it hard for new potential owners to see themselves purchasing it. 

Here’s how to clear the predecessor energy and use feng shui to sell your home fast!

dining room table and chairs in front of window

feng shui tips for selling your home: clearing predecessor energy

One:  Remove all personalization. This includes:

  • Family photos
  • Lots of collections or personalized decor
  • Bright colors in every room
  • Rooms that you’ve used for unusual purposes (like a dining room as a playroom or office, a bedroom room that’s become a storage room, etc)
  • Personal artwork

The key is to remove all of the things that you’re personally investing a lot of energy in because that energy is tying you to your home. 

Collections, personal artwork, lots of family photos, and rooms that you’ve made extremely personalized mean that potential buyers won’t be able to feel as if they could take over and own the home as their own. 

Removing personal items not only helps prepare your home for new owners, but it also helps you detach from your home. 

The more personally tied to your home you are, the slower it’s going to be to sell and move. 

If you start packing up those items now, not only will it be easier to move later but it will be easier to sell immediately! 

This is why a lot of home stagers have you start decluttering and packing right away. 

It helps energetically prepare you and your home to move on.

corner of bedroom with egg chair and plant

Two:  Edit furniture.

While you’re removing your personal belongings, you should also consider packing up or getting rid of some furniture. 

You want to create a lot of flow in each room, so concentrate on furniture that’s blocking walkways and doorways. 

This especially includes furniture that doesn’t “belong” in certain rooms. 

If you’re using your bedroom as a workout room too, for example, move the workout equipment into storage. 

You want each room to be clearly defined by the furniture so that the new owners can see themselves there. 

You also want the potential owners to be able to move easily from room to room and see that there’s lots of space. 

If you have a lot of dark, heavy or large furniture in each room, it will be hard for the energy to flow. 

It also makes the home feel “occupied” and like there’s no room for someone else to come in and live there. 

You don’t have to completely empty out each room, but you do want to create space and flow.

picture of kitchen island with wicker chairs

Three:  Make a good first impression.

Take a look at your front door, driveway, and walk up to your home. 

Make sure your front door and walkway are clearly defined and easily seen. 

The front door is extremely important in feng shui – it is how fresh energy (Chi) finds you! 

This is even MORE important when you’re trying to sell your home, because that fresh energy will bring you buyers AND money! 

Clean and scrub your front door, front porch, and walkway. 

Sweep all dirt away from your home as you clean (sweeping the stagnant energy away from the front of the home.) 

Clean the glass and windows.

Make sure all door hardware works well and is nice and shiny. 

Make sure the doorbell works and your front porch light has a new bulb. 

If there are any paint chips or worn areas, fix them up and repaint them. 

You can also paint your front door a fun, eye-catching color if you feel led to! 

Adding a plant, welcome mat, and/or wind chime to your front porch area can also attract fresh, vibrant energy. 

Anything you can do to draw attention to your front door can help you sell your home more quickly because you’ll make a welcoming first impression. 

Also, make sure that your front door area isn’t super personalized – remove anything that contains your family name or anything that is really meaningful to you. 

Pack those things away to move to your new home! (Click here to learn more ways to feng shui your front door!)

Bonus tip:  use your front door every day! 

ESPECIALLY if you don’t use your front door very often, make it a point to use your front door every day while your home is on the market. 

You can also turn on your porch light for three hours during the day to activate it and draw more attention to your home!

picture of bench and pillows

Four:  Deep clean. 

Cleaning gets rid of stuck energy and creates more flow. 

Anywhere that has dirt, grime, or dust built up brings down the energetic blueprint of your home. 

Chipped paint, burnt-out light bulbs, small home maintenance items, and dirty carpet also bring down the energy. 

Clean those things up! 

Take a look at your home with fresh eyes – does it look like a new owner could move right in and be happy? 

If so, you’re heading in the right direction! 

Five:  Clear out the basement and attic areas. 

If you have things stored in the attic or basement, it can feel create energetic pressure. 

People who walk through your home might feel like “something is hanging over their heads” even if they don’t understand why! 

Stored items also have an unused, stuck energetically quality to them, which is the opposite of what you want your home to feel like!

picture of egg chair with neutral pillows and plants

Six:  Wake up unused rooms or areas. 

Speaking of unused areas – if there are rooms you don’t use in your home, make sure you open them up and clean them out! 

Rooms that aren’t used collect stagnant, stale energy. 

Energetically wake them up by opening the windows and curtains, turning on light fixtures, and vacuuming or sweeping to move the energy around. 

This is ESPECIALLY helpful if you never go into those rooms and they are already clean, so don’t skip it! 

Move the energy around so that it feels fresh and inviting. 

If it’s a guest bedroom, wash the curtains and bedding and fluff the pillows! 

Turning on the lights for a few minutes each day can also wake up the room — don’t forget to turn on the lights when you have showings too!

picture of bed with food tray, candles, neutral bedding

Seven:  Open the windows and window coverings to let in light and fresh air.

Light and fresh air move the Chi throughout your home, removing stagnant energy. 

Go through your home and open the windows and curtains for a few minutes each day (especially before a showing!) to let in new energy. 

Even just opening and shutting the windows for a few seconds lets in new Chi and can help your home feel fresh for new people coming in.

Eight:  Smudge your home! 

Smudging will clear out any energetic imprints that are left. 

Getting your home ready to sell or having it on the market can be stressful and leave stressful energy in your home. 

Smudge often to get rid of those vibrations and keep your home energetically clean!  (Click here to learn how to smudge your home!)

picture of dining room table with chairs and bench

Now that you’ve energetically cleared your home, let’s go through a couple of feng shui tips for selling your home fast and for more money!

One:  Add a plant to your money area. 

Do you have a specific amount of money you’d like to get for your home? 

If so, write it out on a small piece of paper in red ink. 

Bury it in the dirt of the plant. 

Tend to your plant every day, making sure it’s in good shape and growing! 

Make sure you buy a plant that you love because you’re going to take it to your new home too! 

Click here to see feng shui plants for wealth.  And click here to learn how to find your home’s wealth corner with the feng shui bagua map!

Two:  Clean and use your stove. 

Your stove is a wealth area of your home, so every day you want to turn on your burners for a few seconds. 

And every night before you go to bed, make sure your stovetop is clean and shiny! 

Use every burner on your stove every day (especially if you have a favorite one and tend to not use the others!) 

Turn each burner on for just a few seconds or use each one when you’re cooking.

This wakes up that wealth Chi and gets it flowing so that your home sells for top dollar!

tv hanging on wall and neutral home decor

Three:  Use the feng shui 27 things cure

The feng shui 27 things cure usually involves moving 27 items around your home.

But for the purposes of selling your home for more money, we’re going to use the feng shui 27 things cure to GET RID OF 27 things! 

Go through your home and get rid of 27 items. 

It can be small items, like a paperclip or a bag of trash. 

But getting rid of 27 things signals to the Universe that you’re ready to move on and make room for more! 

As you’re getting rid of 27 items, give thanks to the Universe for the sale of your home for the exact amount of money you’d like (or more!) Click here to learn more about the feng shui 27 things cure.

Four: Create a feng shui helpful people box.

A helpful people box is a place to gather all of the people you’ll need in order to sell your home. 

Write the name or title of each person you’ll need help from in order to sell your home. 

List your real estate agent, the buyer’s agent, the mortgage broker, the home inspector, the handyman, the buyers – anyone and everyone you can think of that can help you get your home sold for the most money. 

As you encounter more people throughout the home selling process, add their names to the box!

You can also keep business cards in there as you get them. 

Click here to learn all about how to create a feng shui helpful people box!

Five:  Keep the toilet seats down.

Drains in your home can drain the Chi (and prosperity!) 

Using feng shui to sell your home is all about creating great Chi and energy flow throughout your home.

That means you don’t want it to drain right out as soon as it enters!

Keeping the toilet lids down as much as possible will keep the good energy and money circulating!

plants on floor next to chair

Feng shui tips for selling an empty home

An empty home can pose a challenge when it comes to selling AND feng shui. 

That’s because an empty home is empty of energy, which can cause it to become stagnant and stale pretty quickly. 

Feng shui for selling an empty home concentrates on clearing that stagnant energy and revving up the Chi!

One:  Energize the front door. 

The front door is considered the mouth of Chi in feng shui.

It’s where new, fresh energy and opportunities enter! 

If the home you’re trying to sell is empty, it can be a challenge because the front door isn’t going to be used very often. 

To counteract this, place a red wreath on the front door. 

Red is fire energy, which is energizing and attracts attention from the universe. 

You can also place a potted plant with red flowers on the porch or next to the front door – you just want to make sure it’s taken care of, because a dead or dying plant will drain the Chi.

You can take it a step further and add other feng shui enhancements to the front door, too.  Click here to learn how to feng shui your front door.

kitchen island with flowers and wicker chairs

Two:  Add enhancements to your CURRENT home. 

If you’re trying to sell an empty home, you can add feng shui enhancements to your current home to help! 

Consider using a feng shui helpful people box and include the names/titles of everyone you’ll need help from to sell the house. 

Three:  Create a sold flyer.

If the home you’re selling has a flyer or listing, print it out. 

Write SOLD in big, red letters across the listing. 

Fold the flyer up and keep it in a red envelope in your current home’s money area. 

You can also keep it in the empty home’s money area – tape it under a drawer or cabinet, or place it in a closet! 

Don’t forget to remove it the day of closing!

Alternatively, if you don’t have a flyer – use a picture of your home! Take a picture of the front of your home and print it out. Write SOLD on it in red marker. 

beige couch with orange pillows

One last feng shui house selling tip:  The red envelope cure!

In feng shui, red envelopes are often used to symbolize good luck, prosperity, and activating your dreams. 

Red brings fire and intensity to your dreams and desires. 

When using feng shui to sell a house, a red envelope can be your secret weapon!

There are two different ways to use a red envelope to sell your home:

One:  Gather your ingredients. 

This red envelope method involves the five elements of feng shui:

For the first feng shui home selling red envelope cure, you will need:

  • A red envelope (fire element)
  • Metal from the kitchen (like a small screw from a cabinet or drawer – obviously not one that is holding everything together!😉 ) (metal element)
  • Wood from somewhere in the home – a small chip from a baseboard or inside of a cabinet or shelf. (wood element)
  • Earth from outside – a pinch of dirt from the land outside of the home (earth element)
  • A river somewhere near your home.

Once you’ve gathered the ingredients, it’s time to set your intention. 

You know you want to sell your home fast, to the right people, and for top dollar. 

As you’re putting your envelope together, feel the feelings of your home being sold. 

If someone called you up right this moment with an offer, how does that feel? 

Feel those feelings as you put the items in the envelope. 

Once you’ve done that, you’re going to put the envelope into a river. 

If you feel weird about it, do it sometime in the evening or early morning when no one’s around!

The key is that all of the elements are surrounding your intention and you’re taking action towards helping it manifest!

bed with side table

If you feel weird about using that feng shui cure, you can try the second feng shui red envelope trick:

Write out your intention statement on a slip of paper, in red ink.  Something like:

Thank you, Universe, for the closing offer of $$$ (whatever amount you’d like) from the perfect buyers of my home. The sale was quick, easy, and amazing!

Place your intention in the red envelope and put it somewhere in your home’s wealth corner. 

Or if you feel led, you can place it in your home’s travel and helpful people area, since you’re asking for help from the Universe!

(Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map and learn how to use it to find the different areas of your home!)

Which feng shui red envelope cure should you use if you want to sell your home fast? 

Go with your intuition.  Whichever one feels like it will work better for you is the one you should use. 

When it comes to using feng shui to sell your home, YOU are the ultimate ingredient! 

You don’t have to use every single feng shui tip in order for it to work for you. 

Start with one and see where you feel led! You’ll be selling your home in no time!

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