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Throat Chakra Crystals [19 Crystals for the Throat Chakra]

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Do you find it difficult to communicate with others?

Are you having problems communicating your inner truth or accessing your voice?

Do you feel disconnected from your purpose?

Would you like to be great at public speaking or expressing yourself?

If so, adding throat chakra crystals to your energy work can help!

throat chakra crystals - grape agate crystal

Throat chakra crystals can keep the energy of your throat chakra aligned and balanced.

They can remove energy blocks in your throat so that you can communicate more clearly (and hear your inner voice more clearly!)

They can also help you with public speaking, have the courage to speak your truth, and express yourself creatively!

Let’s get into the specifics of throat chakra crystals and how to use them!

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra.

It is located in the middle of your throat, near your voice box. It is linked to all forms of communication, your inner voice, and creative expression.

The throat chakra can help you access your courage, stand up for yourself, and overcome shyness.

It is the seat of self-expression, and its mantra is “Ham.”

Vishuddha, throat chakra symbol

The Function of the Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

The throat chakra is responsible for:

  • clear communication
  • better communication
  • honest communication
  • public speaking
  • inner strength
  • expressing individual truth
  • harnessing and expressing your personal power
  • creative expression
  • creative ideas
  • spiritual connection
  • inner truth
  • thyroid gland & parathyroid gland
  • throat, ears, nose, teeth, & mouth
  • upper chest
  • vocal cords
lazurite towers

Symptoms of a Blocked Throat Chakra

Your throat chakra can become blocked or unbalanced because of stress, frustration, negative energy, blocked emotions, trauma, swallowing or ignoring your inner voice, or taking in other people’s energy you’ve dealt with over time.

This can lead to blockages along the entire chakra chain, so if an area above or below the throat chakra is blocked you can feel it in your throat chakra (or vice-versa.)

When your throat chakra is blocked, you can experience:

  • communication problems
  • inability to speak your truth
  • shyness
  • fear of public speaking
  • inability to listen to others
  • unable to express creativity or access your creativity
  • weak voice/problem speaking up for yourself
  • inability to hear yourself or listen to yourself
  • talking too much (or too little)
  • telling lies
  • thyroid problems
  • throat problems/sore throat
  • losing your voice/laryngitis

Symptoms of an Overactive Throat Chakra

If one of your other chakras is blocked, it can cause an imbalance in your throat chakra.

Your throat chakra essentially “makes up” for the blocked energy by being overactive.

Energy gets stuck, causing your throat chakra to have too much energy.

When your throat chakra is overactive, you can feel:

  • Like you are talking too much
  • Talking over people/not listening to others
  • Being forceful when communicating
  • Gossiping
  • Being overly critical of creative expression, art, or literature
  • Inability to hear the truth of others
crystals for the throat chakra: chrysocolla

Crystals and the Throat Chakra

Crystals can help balance and heal your throat chakra so that you can communicate more effectively.

The throat chakra is the area that joins the upper chakras to the lower chakras.

It helps you communicate the inner knowing of the lower chakras and also translate the wisdom from the Universe into the physical plane.

Crystals can help you tap into this energy so that you can express it more effectively.

They can help you access your personal truth, enhance creativity, and speak what you want into existence.

Throat chakra crystals are either crystals in the blue color family, or crystals that have inherent properties that open the throat chakra.

Crystals that enhance communication, increase creative expression, or help you access your inner knowing are all throat chakra crystals.

Some of the crystals on the following list can align to more than one chakra, which can help energy flow more effectively between them.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of crystals for the throat chakra, so if you have a crystal that fits in this category, chances are good it will still help balance and align the throat chakra. Use your intuition!

blue crystal

Throat Chakra Crystals (and Their Meanings)

Lapis Lazuli – discerning inner truth and aligning with it, accessing divine wisdom, developing intuition

Blue Lace Agate – communicate with clarity and confidence, supports personal growth, promotes calm
communication, helps with public speaking

Blue Fluorite – enhances creativity, helps with self-expression, increases insight, grounds and centers energy

Celestite – uplifts and balances energy, connects you with your spirit guides, increases inner strength, also balances the crown and third eye chakras

Amazonite – stone of truth, helps with accessing and speaking your inner truth, increases trust in yourself and your intuition, can balance all of the chakras

Blue Kyanite – helps you communicate with the higher dimensions, reduces frustration and stress, stimulates creative energy

Blue Chalcedony – calms fear and anger, decreases self-doubt, helps with communication in stressful environments, reduces fear of public speaking

Blue Calcite – helps with developing psychic gifts, soothes nervous energy, assists students with communication in studies, absorbs negative energy

Blue Apatite – receiving and communicating spiritual wisdom, helps with manifestation and achieving goals, aids self-expression, helps you access your inner knowing

Sodalite – increases wisdom and self-awareness, helps you speak with clarity and confidence, helps with self-expression and intuition, releases anger and frustration

Angelite – develops communication with spirit guides and angels, creates calm and honest communication, helps with peace and tranquility

Turquoise – the self-acceptance stone, helps you accept and forgive yourself, clears negative energy and boosts well-being, also a stone of protection and grounding

Aquamarine – stone of courage, sharpens perception and intuition, enhances mental clarity, helps with meditation by quieting the mind

Blue Aventurine – stone of inner strength, helps with dreamwork and psychic awareness, helps you let go of bad habits and addictions, helps you find your spiritual path

Azurite – creates understanding and compassion for others, helps you trust your inner guidance, encourages personal growth, helps you communicate messages from the Divine

Dumortierite – connects you to Divine guidance and your spirit guides, helps with organization and self-discipline, helps you get your life in order, boosts creativity and creative expression

Larimar – helps with emotional honesty and communicating your boundaries, increases communication with angels and higher beings, reduces stress and depression, helps you break unhealthy emotional bonds

Chrysocolla – the stone of communication, enhances confidence and personal power, helps you speak from the heart (connects heart chakra to throat chakra,) can help you speak your thoughts and emotions clearly and calmly

Clear Quartz – the master healer, balances and cleanses all chakras, can be programmed to hold any intention, brings clarity and increases intuition, amplifies the energy of all other crystals, powerful manifestation stone

lazurite crystal towers

How to Use Crystals for the Throat Chakra

Meditate with it.

You can meditate with your throat chakra crystal to help align it to the crystal energy.

Either hold your crystal in your hands or lay flat and place it at the base of your throat.

Imagine the crystal absorbing any negative energy, leaving your throat chakra clear and balanced.

You can also do a guided throat chakra meditation, or use chakra aligning music!

Sleep with it under your pillow.

You can place your throat chakra crystal under your pillow (or on your nightstand) to help cleanse and align your throat chakra while you sleep!

Many of the throat chakra crystals also work to align the third eye and crown chakras too, so sleeping with them can increase dream recall and psychic abilities.

You might want to keep a notebook next to your bed to write down any messages you receive during the night!

Keep it near your yoga mat.

Keeping a throat chakra crystal near your yoga mat can infuse your practice with the crystal’s energy. Three yoga poses that align your throat chakra are: fish pose, camel pose, and baby cobra.

These will help clear the energy in your throat, neck, and upper chest, allowing you to use your throat chakra more effectively.

Keep one near you while you journal.

Since the throat chakra is responsible for communication of all kinds, keeping a crystal near you while you journal can help you tap into your innermost thoughts and feelings.

This is especially helpful if you free-write and don’t censor yourself.

The crystal can help you tap into your inner knowing and reveal what’s blocking you or where you could express yourself more clearly!

This post has even more info: Chakra Balancing with Crystals (Crystals and Chakras for Beginners!)

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