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9 Feng Shui Wealth Crystals to Boost Your Bank Account

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feng shui crystals for wealth {9 stones for manifesting money, abundance, & good fortune!}

If you want to boost your feng shui and manifesting abilities, crystals are a good way to start! 

While crystals aren’t the “be all, end all” to manifesting, and you can’t just hold a crystal and think of what you want and have it magically appear, there are definitely feng shui crystals for wealth that you can place in your home to make your feng shui manifesting more effective.

woman creating an altar with crystals and rose petals

How do crystals work?

Everything in the Universe holds energy and vibrates at different frequencies. 

Even thoughts contain vibrational frequencies!

Whatever feelings and thoughts you’re having at any given moment attract things into your life that have the same frequency. 

This is the law of attraction = like attracts like. 

So if you’re vibrating at a high frequency, you will attract positive things into your life. 

If you’re vibrating at a low frequency, you’ll attract more negative things into your life. 

Or you’ll at least see the things you manifest as either positive or negative depending on how you’re vibrating in the moment!

Crystals have vibrational energy of their own. 

They are high frequency, and over time, some of them have become “known” for their vibrational properties. 

There are crystals for money, health, manifesting, love, good luck, and more! 

So today we’re going to focus on crystals to attract money, and then how to use them to boost your feng shui manifesting powers!

Here’s a list of the top 9 feng shui wealth crystals:


amethyst crystals on a fire place mantel

Amethyst is a peaceful, restful, protective stone that helps restore balance in your life.  It’s the stone of clarity and understanding. It helps promote inner peace, soothes anxiety, and enhances calming energy in your space.  All of these things help bring money into your life because as your vibration becomes calmer, less anxious, and more peaceful, you’ll have less money blocks. 

Money always wants to make its way to you, but most of the time your habits and limiting beliefs block it from coming.  Amethyst can help ease those vibrations which will help money flow in faster. 

Also purple is the color of wealth in feng shui, so placing a vibrant purple amethyst in your money corner is the perfect way to increase wealth energy in your home!

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citrine crystals in front of a window

Citrine enhances your personal willpower and vision, which means it helps you create success and prosperity if that’s what you want for your life.  Citrine also attracts prosperity, abundance, and it increases the energy you have for achieving your goals. 

It’s sometimes called the “merchant’s stone” because it’s known for bringing good luck to wealth and finances, and many business owners like to keep a piece of citrine near their cash registers.  Citrine is also a sunny and bright stone, and can help increase happiness and joy for life!

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Green Aventurine

bowl of green aventurine crystals on a table

Green aventurine is known as the lucky stone!  It is thought to increase lucky opportunities in your life!  It also attracts wealth and prosperity because it’s known as an attraction stone. 

Green aventurine has a soothing, calming energy, which helps you maintain optimism in challenging times. It also boosts creativity, which can help you come up with new ways to increase your wealth!

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pyrite crystal next to a plant

Pyrite is also known as fool’s gold, because of it’s shimmery gold color.  Pyrite is known for increasing confidence and ambition, which can help you follow through on your goals.

It contains both fire and earth element properties, which can ignite your finances while also maintaining grounding and stability, making it easier to increase wealth.

Pyrite is also considered a powerful money manifesting stone, and when paired with the other money stones can really increase your manifesting abilities.

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Tiger’s Eye

tiger's eye crystals in front of a window

Tiger’s eye is the stone of personal empowerment, courage, and confidence. It is also a stone of protection, centering, and grounding. 

It helps you feel more stable in the face of adversity, make better decisions, and take action! It’s also a prosperity stone because it’s said to bring good luck and discernment to take action at the right moment. 

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jade crystals next to a stack of books

Jade is the stone of abundance, vitality, and well-being. Jade is also considered a lucky stone – one that attracts good fortune and good friends! It is also the stone of self reliance, harmonious energies, and reaching your true potential. 

Jade helps you take decisive action and encourages wisdom. It can help you see new possibilities and while helping you trust in the abundance of the universe.

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Clear Quartz

clear quartz crystals on a bookshelf

Clear quartz is an amplifier, which means it gives even more power to the crystals surrounding it.  Clear quartz is considered a master healing stone, because it channels and clears energy.  It also helps with clarity, mental sharpness, and perception while helping clear negative energies.

It is the perfect stone to pair with the other money crystals because it enhances their powers while clearing any negative energies you have surrounding money and manifestation.

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Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline crystals on a windowsill

Black tourmaline is a grounding stone that helps you feel more secure with yourself (and your finances!) Black tourmaline can be an eye-opening stone, helping to awaken your mind and bring clarity.  It is also a protection stone, helping you become aware of your surroundings and feel safe and secure. 

Black tourmaline can be a debt-clearing stone because it brings awareness while propelling you towards good luck and following your dreams.

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sunstone crystals in a bowl next to fresh flowers

Sunstone is a brilliant, shimmery stone that attracts abundance, wealth, and wellbeing.  Sunstone helps you fulfill your dreams and raise your confidence in achieving them. 

It is considered a stone of luck, optimism, leadership, and creativity, helping to bring all of those qualities together to propel you towards everything you want in life.

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Now that you know the top 9 stones for wealth and abundance, what should you do with them? Where should you start?

If I had to choose ONE stone to start with when it comes to money, I would start with a small piece of pyrite. Pyrite just reminds me of money! It’s shimmery and gold and looks like wealth.  It’s almost impossible to look at pyrite and not think of money!

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If you really want to use crystals to attract money in feng shui, a gem tree is also a good way to get started. Gem trees come in all different crystal types – just make sure you choose one that includes one (or more!) of the money crystals!

collection of feng shui gem trees

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Another good way to start working with money crystals for feng shui is to choose a small pocket crystal set that is designed specifically for wealth.  Almost all of the pocket crystal sets for money will contain most (if not all) of the above wealth crystals!  You can find them relatively inexpensively on Etsy or even Amazon!  Be careful though, when you start collecting them they become addictive!

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How do you use the wealth crystals in feng shui?

Crystals always enhance and amplify your intentions.  In fact, crystals love to have a purpose!  Buying money crystals and placing them in your feng shui money area will boost all of the money intentions you have already set for the space.

How should you display the money crystals in your home?

You can display them any way that you like! You can keep them in a special box or create a feng shui wealth bowl. 

If you don’t want to display them, you can put them in a drawer or even keep them in your purse, wallet, or pocket!  When I’m feeling like I need an extra money manifesting boost, I wear a small piece of pyrite in my bra. 😄

Crystals should make you happy when you see them, and how you display them comes down to personal preference. 

If you want to keep them specifically in your feng shui money area, I recommend getting a small bowl or saucer and placing them somewhere in the money area of your home.  (Click here to see a picture of the bagua and learn how to use it to find your money area.)

Now that you’ve learned which crystals to use for wealth and abundance, you might want to try:

pictures of crystals with text overlay that says: 9 feng shui wealth crystals