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8 feng shui spring cleaning tips to refresh your home with vibrant energy!

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8 feng shui spring cleaning tips to refresh your home with vibrant energy!

Feng shui is all about welcoming new, vibrant energy into your life – and what better way to do that than with your spring cleaning!

After being cooped up all winter, most of us are just itching to stir up the energy in our homes, air them out, and let the spring sunshine and weather in.

So this is the perfect time to do some feng shui spring cleaning!

8 feng shui spring cleaning tips to refresh your space

How will adding some feng shui to your spring cleaning help your home? 

In feng shui, everything is about improving the energy flow of your home.  When your home has good energy flow, things move more easily in your life. 

Think of your home as your vision board: when it is full of positive energy, you can more easily manifest your dreams. 

And when you LOVE your home, your home loves you back, and this energy extends into the rest of your life. 

Springtime is an important time of the year. It’s when life starts to grow all around us, and it’s also when we can start planting seeds for our future harvests. 

Therefore, boosting your home’s vibration by adding a little feng shui to your spring cleaning will not only help you plant those seeds but also give them a good foundation so they can sprout!

Here are 8 feng shui spring cleaning tips to refresh your home and add brand new energy!

One: Declutter! 

Because your home is your vision board, if it’s full of things you don’t want and don’t use (or don’t love!) it can affect everything else going on in life.

Spring is the perfect time to look around your home and give it a refresh. 

Get rid of at least 9 items you don’t use, and envision that empty space being filled up with new things that you love and that support your new life. 

vase with yellow flowers

Clutter is stuck energy, and after the winter (and Christmas!) there tends to be a lot more items in our home than we know what to do with!

Now is the time to clear out that stuck energy and make room for the new things you’ve received (and will receive!) in your life.

Two: Clean out your closets. 

Spring is also a great time to clean out your closet. 

Not only is it time to put away your winter clothes, but it’s also time to get ready for your spring/summer outfits. 

Your closets affect whichever area of the bagua they fall in. (The bagua is the feng shui map that correlates different areas of your home to different areas of your life – click here to see a picture and find out how to use it.)

But your closets also reflect how you feel about yourself and the outward image you portray to the world. 

Use this spring time and new energy to clean out things you no longer wear, any items that have holes or aren’t in good shape any longer, and items that don’t make you feel your best when you wear them. 

This will help clear out stuck energy but it will also help you become clearer about who you are and how you feel in your clothes.

If you decide to buy some new spring/summer outfits, make sure the new clothes reflect who you are becoming and not an outdated vision you have of yourself! 

window seat with pillows

Three:  Refresh your bed linens and clean under your bed! 

In feng shui, your bed is your foundation in life. It’s where you go to relax and restore your body after you’ve worked and been out and about all day. 

If you don’t have a good sleep and restoration foundation, then the rest of your life has to work harder to compensate. 

close up of yellow flowers

Use this spring cleaning time as a reason to refresh your bedding – especially if you change your bedding with the seasons. 

Make sure you take the bedding that’s been stored and wash it, as well as wash the linens you remove from your bed. 

If you can, hang your comforter outside and let the sunshine and fresh air purify it! 

In feng shui, sunshine is fire energy, and it activates the chi (life-force energy) of your space and clears stuck energy. 

Hanging your linens outside gets rid of the stale energy and reinvigorates your linens. 

Cleaning underneath your bed is also important for feng shui. 

This is especially true if you have to store things under your bed: that means there isn’t proper air flow under there and energy can get stuck (not to mention dust bunnies! 😉 )

Pull everything out, organize it, and then vacuum really well under your bed to remove the stuck energy.  

kitchen island with cleaning supplies

Four:  Scrub your bathrooms. 

In feng shui, the bathroom represents self-care. 

If you’re feeling depleted after a long winter, refreshing your bathrooms can go a long way to welcoming new energy into your life and helping you feel your best! 

If you can (and want to), consider buying a few new linens to freshen up your space. 

And don’t forget your shower curtain — either wash it or replace it. 

Curtains hold onto energy, dust, and allergens and that is even more true in the bathroom!

Five:  Scrub your kitchen. 

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and in feng shui it represents health, abundance, wealth, and good fortune! 

bowl of fresh oranges

A healthy, clean kitchen full of nutritious food means you have abundance to share with your family and others. 

Take this time to clean out old food, go through your refrigerator and freezer, and scrub down your cabinets. 

Don’t forget the stove and oven – your stove represents your wealth and good luck – so scrub it until it sparkles. 

Once you’re done cleaning you can set out a bowl of fresh fruit (especially oranges, which represent abundance!) and boost the feng shui wealth quotient even higher!

Six:  Clean your windows. 

According to feng shui principles, your windows are the “eyes” of your home and reflect your vision in life.  You definitely want to keep them clean and clear!

Washing off all of the dirt and debris that accumulated over the winter is correlated to cleaning the dirt and debris that can cause confusion and chaos in your life. 

Plus clean windows let in more sunlight (the feng shui fire element), which also purifies and activates the energy in your home.

Seven:  Once you’ve cleaned the windows, open them to let the fresh air in! 

Feng shui literally means “wind and water” in Chinese, and it represents the energy flow. 

One of the ways you can activate that energy flow is to turn on a fan or, even better, opening your windows! 

This lets the old energy out and the new energy in, and when you think about how great you feel when it’s the perfect spring day and the windows are open, you can see why! 

If you can, open the windows throughout the house to maximize this airflow and activate the Chi.

This will stimulate the new growth in your life and fill your home with high vibrational frequencies!

jar of fresh sage sticks

Eight: Don’t forget to smudge – especially if you have your windows open and you’ve done all of the other spring cleaning tips. 

Smudging will get rid of the rest of the stagnant energy and replace it with good, fresh energy. 

It’s the final step to a good spring cleaning routine, and will literally change the composition of the air. 

It’s even been proven to kill germs! 

So smudge away, and while you’re doing so, imagine all of the fresh, high vibes you’ve just welcomed into your home. (Click here to learn all the different ways to smudge your home!)

Bonus tip:  Spring is also the perfect time to scrub around your front door! 

Your front door is how you welcome new opportunities into your life and home.  Click here to read all about how to feng shui your front door.

As you can see, there are all sorts of ways to infuse your life with feng shui, and in doing so, you help your life run better. 

It might sound ridiculous, but once you get started you will definitely be hooked, and spring is THE time to get started and see how feng shui can help your life.

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