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feng shui house protection tips: how to protect your home from negative energy!

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feng shui house protection tips: how to protect your home from negative energy!

One of the best things about feng shui is that you can create a strong foundation at home that flows into the rest of your life.

Using feng shui to protect your home from negative energy does exactly the same thing.

You can put feng shui house protection tips in place that not only protect your home from negative energy, but that protection will also extend to your family as they are in your home and out of it!

That’s because feng shui is all about energy flow, and your home is an extension of your personal energy.

If you create a home that’s full of positive, protective energy then the rest of your life will also be filled with positive, protective energy!

feng shui house protection

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How do you use feng shui to protect your house from negative energy?

To begin, you need to know why you’re feeling like you need extra protection.
Have you felt weird energy in your home lately?
Do you live in a neighborhood where you don’t feel safe?
Do you want to protect your home from burglars?
Do you have new neighbors that have negative energy?
Do you have specific family members who need protection right now?
What is the reason you aren’t feeling safe?
Once you know that, you can set the intention that will drive your feng shui practice. How do you want to feel in your home? What is your desired outcome once you’ve put the feng shui cures in place?
It’s important to know this because if you don’t want a specific outcome, then you won’t know it when it happens and you won’t be able to tell if the feng shui tips worked for you.
But if you don’t have a specific intention that’s okay too.
Your intention can be that you just want to feel better in your home and you want support from the Universe for that to happen!

There are five feng shui house protection tips that you can put in place for general home protection. Those are:

One: Create a strong front door.

The front door is how good energy enters your home and it’s also your outward-facing representation to the world.

So it’s important that your front door reflects how you want to feel.

Do you want to feel vibrant, full of energy, and invincible? Start with your front door!

Some general feng shui tips for your front door are:

Clean, dust, sweep, mop, wipe down the door and the glass, and make sure that all hardware is working properly.
When the good energy approaches your home, you want it to be met with a clean and orderly entrance!
You can also go all out if you want, and really make your door shine.  Add plants, a wreath, paint it a fun color, add lights, and more!
feng shui for protection neighbors
Other things you want to look at when it comes to your front door:
Are there items that hang over you when you are standing at the door?  Like plants or an awning that feels dangerous or closed off?
Is there anything that hangs over the walkway when you are walking to the door?
Is there a clear walkway to your entrance?
Are there large trees blocking the front door or porch?
Are there dead plants on the porch?
Look for things that might actually reflect negative energy or make you feel unsafe.
Sometimes when you’re feeling like you need protection, it might be because there is something there that is subconsciously making you feel afraid when you enter your home.
It might even feel like removing those things will make you feel LESS protected, but the opposite is true.
A person who is confident of their safety doesn’t need the “fake” protection of these things hanging over them when they are at home.
Two: Create flow in your home.
This means decluttering, moving furniture that makes a room feel unwelcoming or unbalanced, and removing things from the floor or things you trip over constantly or that fall out on you when you open cabinets.
Think of anywhere in your home that makes you feel frustrated or annoyed when you bump up against them constantly.
Make a plan to fix them, declutter them, or get rid of them and create more harmony.
More harmony inside = more harmony outside = less ways for negative energy to enter your life and your home.
Three: Remove poison arrows.
These are items IN your home that are similar to those that might be blocking your front door or walkway.
Are there shelves, plants, artwork, or home decor items that hang over your furniture or bed? Or over your children’s beds?
Are there sharp corners that point towards you in any area where you spend a lot of time?
In feng shui those are called “poison arrows” and can subconsciously feel dangerous.
Move the ones you can, and try to soften the ones you can’t move (like wall corners) with plants or fabric or other furniture that diverts the energy.
protect your home with feng shui
Four: Create a strong foundation.
Something a lot of us overlook is our flooring. Do you have rugs or floor coverings that provide comfort and cushioning? Do you have areas of your flooring that are slippery or cause you to trip often? Are your floors cold or unwelcoming?
Rugs and floor coverings can provide warmth and safety, but they also ground the room and the foundation of your home.
Also, make sure that your floors are clean and feel good to you – if you need to shampoo carpets or mop more often, then definitely do whatever it takes for your home to feel clean and welcoming to you.
Grounded, clean, calm, and welcoming flooring can go a long way to providing safety both inside and outside of your home.
Five: Fix leaks.
Leaks in your home represent leaky energy, which is a way that the positive energy leaks from your home.
Once you’ve welcomed the new energy into your home, you want to keep it there and keep it circulating!
Fix any leaky faucets, leaky roofs, leaky refrigerators, leaky showers, or any other areas that might be leaking ASAP.
protect your home from negative energy

Other feng shui tips to protect your home and your family:

Create a strong family area.  The family area of the bagua (the feng shui map of your home) is the left, middle area when standing at your front door, looking in.
This is the area of family/legacy/ancestry and you can place items here that represent the strength, health, and vitality of your family to reinforce your family’s protection.
Consider adding family photos that show you all smiling and happy and together.
Also, think about adding the color green or even a plant to this area that represents your family feeling strong and growing together.  Click here to see a picture of the bagua and to see how to apply it to your home.
Add a pair of foo dogs in your entryway or on either side of your front door. You might have seen a pair of foo dogs outside of your favorite Chinese food restaurant – they are a traditional feng shui cure for protection.
There are many different sizes and styles of foo dogs – pick a pair that you like and that will complement your decor! They also don’t have to be large – small ones will work too.

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Click here to see foo dogs on Amazon!

Boost your health area.  The health area of your home is the area directly in the center.
It represents health and vitality, balance, and stability and is connected to every other area of your home.  A strong health area means the overall health of your home and family is strengthened.
You can add the color yellow here (it can be colored paper added to drawers or under furniture if you don’t like the color yellow).
The element associated with the health area is earth, so landscape photos or artwork that depict vibrant, healthy, lush areas can also boost the vibrancy and health of your home and family.  Click here to see a picture of the bagua and how to apply it!
Smudge and remove negative energy. If you’ve been feeling unsafe, or feeling negative energy in your home, smudging can also help you clear the air!
It’s similar to cleaning your home, but you’re cleaning the vibration and energy of your home too.
Smudging also helps if there has been illness or lots of arguing in your home – it can clear the air of negative emotions and help everyone start with a clean slate. Click here to learn about all the different ways you can smudge your home.
Add crystals to the four corners of your home. If you own your home or you have a yard, you can bury four small quartz points, with the points facing towards your home, in the yard on the four corners of your home.
If you have an apartment or you rent or don’t want to bury the quartz, you can also place them in the four corners of your home on the inside. You can also use black tourmaline or orgonite for even more protection from negative energies and vibrations.
Do a white light meditation.  A white light meditation can be done for yourself, your family, and your home.  Here’s a guided meditation that explains how it’s done:

If you don’t like guided mediation, you can also visualize the white light circling your home, your yard, and all of your family members.

Just spend a few moments envisioning your home and your loved ones bathed in white, protective light that shines down over everyone and everything in your home, protecting it from all negative energies that wish them harm.

What about negative energies from your neighbors? How do I get rid of negative energies from my neighbors?

A traditional feng shui cure for neighbor problems is to hang a small mirror inside your home, on the wall that reflects your neighbor’s property.
Place the mirror so that it’s facing the wall so that if it were outside it would be reflecting their energy back to them.
Mirrors can amplify what they are reflecting, but in this case, it will block their energy from entering your home and reflect it back to them so that they leave you alone.
You might even find that it works TOO well and they end up moving or just completely act like you don’t exist!

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How do you deflect negative energy?

If you’ve been feeling negative energy from people in your life or from areas outside of your home, a good way to clear that energy is to smudge yourself when you get home.  This cleans your aura and repels the negative energy.

If that’s not practical, or you need to deflect negative energy in a specific situation or event, you can also do the white light visualization in the moment.

Visualize the white light pouring over you, cleansing you of the negative energy and protecting you from it.

white light protection

Another helpful visualization is to imagine yourself in a bubble, so that whatever negative energy of the situation, it can’t get to you and effectively bounces off and back onto the person or situation you need protection from.

You can also picture yourself holding a mirror that bounces their energy back to them as it’s happening so that it can’t penetrate your aura and affect you at all.

Another helpful energetic tip for deflecting negative energy is to create a strong, personal boundary long before you leave the house.

This is very similar to the white light meditation – you declare for yourself (and your family) that you are always protected and that negative energy, situations, or activities have no impact on you or your home.

When it comes to protecting your home, yourself, and your family from negative energy, you can see that your intention and personal boundaries are everything! The more confident you are that you are safe and protected, the more you will actually BE safe and protected!

There are so many energetic ways you can add protection to your home.  After you use some of these feng shui tips for home protection, you might also want to try:

feng shui tips protection

feng shui house protection tips: how to protect your home from negative energy!