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13 Feng Shui Bathroom Plants to Balance Draining Chi

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In feng shui, bathrooms represent draining Chi, which means they deplete the energy in your home.

Good Chi (life-force energy) is what moves through your home and life, bringing you everything you want.

Drains cause Chi to move out of your home instead of circulating.

One way to counteract the draining Chi is to keep plants in your bathroom.

Plants contain the earth element and wood element, balancing and slowing down the draining Chi.

Let’s discuss the best feng shui bathroom plants and where to put them!

feng shui bathroom plants

The best feng shui bathroom plants are those that love humidity and usually lower-light conditions.

Unless your bathroom is full of bright light, skylights, or windows, keeping plants that love bright light in your bathroom can be impossible without grow lights or other artificial light.

If your plants aren’t getting enough light, they will slowly die, and that causes stagnant Chi.

That’s the opposite of what you want if you’re trying to keep good Chi from draining away!

The best feng shui plants for your bathroom will enhance the energy, not detract from it.

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bathroom with lots of plants around the bathtub

13 Excellent Feng Shui Bathroom Plants


Pothos are just great houseplants in general, which makes them extremely versatile to boost good feng shui!

They are easy to grow and care for, plus they thrive in a variety of conditions.

As they grow they trail and vine, which softens hard edges and corners, so they are excellent to use as feng shui cures for poison arrows or to direct energy.

They are great for hanging baskets too, uplifting energy and directing Chi upward – which counteracts the draining Chi of bathrooms.

Golden pothos plants are probably the most popular in feng shui because they represent good fortune and wealth, but ANY pothos can be a great feng shui bathroom plant!


Ferns LOVE humidity and frequent watering and most can do well in lower light conditions, which can make them great plants for your bathroom or even your shower.

The best feng shui bathroom ferns are those with soft, feathery leaves, like lemon button ferns, boston ferns, or rabbit foot ferns.

Ferns with rounded leaves, like the lemon button fern, are also good feng shui because the leaves look like coins, which attract abundance and good fortune!

fern on bathroom windowsill

Snake Plant

Snake plants are interesting in feng shui because they have strong wood and fire energy, due to their tall and pointed leaves.

Like hanging plants, they direct energy upward which offsets the energy drains in a bathroom.

Snake plants also do well in lower light conditions and don’t need much care or maintenance.

There are many different varieties of snake plants too, so you can use their different hues and variegations to add interest and movement!


Of course, orchids are feng shui darlings, known for increasing love, romance, and good fortune.

They come in so many different colors that you can use them to help balance the elements in your bathroom, too!

Orchids LOVE humidity, which makes them really attractive for bathrooms.

Yellow orchids are especially good feng shui bathroom plants because they add a touch of earth element color that balances the inherent water energy of bathrooms!

Peace Lily

The peace lily is such a good plant for anywhere in your home, but especially in the bathroom!

They can be quite dramatic plants because they wilt and droop when they need water.

The first time you see this happen you’ll think you killed your plant, but you didn’t!

If you are someone who overwaters your house plants, then peace lilies are the plant for you because you know EXACTLY when to water them!

Other than that the peace lily is super easy to care for.

They love humidity, don’t need a ton of light, and they will reward you with tall, gorgeous white flowers!

They represent good fortune, innocence, purity, hope, and prosperity.

Their lush foliage will bring the wood element to your bathroom, which represents growth, momentum, and new beginnings.

The wood element is fed by the water element, so that energy will flow throughout your entire life!

bathroom with lots of plants


Eucalyptus are well-known for their medicinal benefits and often used in spas and even as smudge sticks to cleanse the air and stagnant energy in a space.

You might even have seen eucalyptus sprigs hung from showerheads, or recommendations to put eucalyptus oil in the shower to help with breathing and opening the lungs.

As a feng shui plant for your bathroom, keep in mind that live eucalyptus trees can grow very large so they might only work in your bathroom for a year or two.

Eucalyptus attracts prosperity and success (especially in business) so if you don’t want to keep a live eucalyptus tree in your bathroom, you can keep cuttings as decor or hanging in your shower.

This will bring earth element energy and slow down the draining Chi.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is often used for its health and healing benefits, which makes it perfect for the bathroom.

The bathroom relates to self-care and health in feng shui, so anything you can add to the bathroom to enhance those energies will boost it throughout your life.

Aloe vera likes bright light but not direct light, so if you have any windows in your bathroom, you can keep aloe vera near them to make them happy.

Otherwise, keep an eye on your aloe plant and make sure it’s thriving and move it if it’s not healthy!

For feng shui, aloe vera plants combat negative energy and bad luck, but only if they’re healthy!


Begonias love shade and moist soil, making them easy plants to care for in your bathroom.

They come in many different colors so you can easily fit them into your bathroom decor.

In general, red and pink begonias represent passion, romance, and love, while yellow begonias represent cheer, joy, and happiness!

They also represent harmonious communication and kindness, and can be placed outside your front door to ward off negative energies.

Keeping begonias in your bathroom will keep the Chi circulating and fresh!

Rubber Plant

Rubber plants are tropical plants that like heat and humidity.

They like indirect light and can grow really tall, lifting your eyes up and creating positive energy!

Their rounded, rubber leaves attract abundance and wealth in feng shui.

They are really great plants to use if you have a bathroom in your wealth area!

pothos and snake plants in decorative pots

Spider Plant

Spider plants are easy house plants to care for, especially for beginners!

They can get quite large and even produce white flowers and little trailing pups, so you can keep them in hanging baskets if you want!

They soften energy and brighten up dim corners.

They attract both good fortune and good health!

Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo plant represents good fortune in feng shui.

They are super easy to grow, only needing low light and they can be grown in water instead of soil, so they don’t require much maintenance.

The number of bamboo stalks have different meanings in feng shui (check this post for more info!)

Lucky bamboo is probably the best feng shui plant for your bathroom to counteract draining Chi.

You can even place it on the back of your toilet or next to your sink to directly counteract the energy!

ZZ Plant

The zz plant has leaves that resemble a string of coins, making them auspicious plants for wealth.

In feng shui, they are often referred to as the fortune tree or eternity tree because of their wealth energy!

They tolerate low light, inconsistent watering, and pretty much any range of humidity.

They are medium-sized plants that grow tall without taking over a room, so they are good for smaller bathrooms.


There are many different varieties of philodendron plants, but they almost all have heart-shaped leaves and thrive in humid, lower light conditions.

The heart-shaped leaves activate the fire element in feng shui, which cleanses stale, stagnant energy.

If you have a large bathroom, choose one of the bigger philodendron varieties to make a large statement and keep the Chi moving!

feng shui bathroom plants around the bathtub

Where to Place Bathroom Feng Shui Plants

You don’t have to place your bathroom plants directly on the back of the toilet or on top of drains to counteract draining Chi.

Keeping them anywhere in your bathroom helps move the energy around and keeps it circulating, which counteracts the energy!

Of course, you CAN place them next to your sink or over your toilet if you’d like to, but it’s not necessary for good feng shui.

Feng shui is all about balance, and any time you add life to your space it will increase positive Chi!

Should You Keep Cactus in Your Bathroom for Good Feng Shui?

Cactus plants in feng shui represent fire energy, and they go best in your home’s fame and reputation area.

If you have a bathroom in your home’s fame area, keeping cactus there can help activate it and balance the water element.

Otherwise, bathrooms aren’t necessarily the best place for cactus plants since they are desert plants and like bright, dry environments.

Other plants are usually better suited for the bathroom!

What is the Luckiest Feng Shui Plant for the Bathroom?

The luckiest plant for the bathroom is probably the lucky bamboo, since it grows directly from water and has so much meaning in feng shui.

If you don’t connect with the lucky bamboo and want a different feng shui plant for your bathroom, the next luckiest is the orchid!

Make sure you choose a color you love!

Purple is excellent for wealth and good fortune!

Fake Plants in the Bathroom

Should you keep fake plants in your bathroom if live plants won’t thrive there?

You can definitely keep artificial plants in your bathroom if live plants don’t work.

Just make sure to keep them clean and dust-free and replace them if they deteriorate.

You can also hang pictures of plants in your bathroom to harness the good feng shui energy instead!

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the best plants for your bathroom according to feng shui
the best plants for your bathroom according to feng shui