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simple feng shui tips for creating a home you love (7 basic feng shui tips that work for anyone!)

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simple feng shui tips for creating a home you love (7 basic feng shui tips that work for anyone!)

Welcome to the feng shui your life series! This week we are going to discuss simple feng shui tips that anyone can use – no matter what your home situation is!  Whether you live in a huge home, a small apartment, or even a single bedroom you can use feng shui to create the life and home of your dreams.

simple feng shui tips

Here are 7 basic rules of feng shui that apply to all areas of your living space:

One: Keep it clean and decluttered.  Feng shui is all about the flow of energy.  The meaning of feng shui is actually “wind and water” which refers to how energy moves throughout a space. 

When you think of wind and water, think of how it either one would fill your space if it entered through your door.  Would it get stuck in a lot of clutter? Is there a lot of big furniture? Would it flow right out through another door or window?  How would the energy move? 

feng shui tips that work for every home

The more open and free-flowing the energy, the better the Chi (life force energy and good vibes) and the better the feng shui! 

This goes for your own energy too – how do you feel when you enter your space? Do you feel anxious? Do you feel stuck?  Or do you feel free and open and lit up? 

How you feel is more important than anything, but make sure that you are looking at your space with open eyes.  Don’t just accept things as they are. 

If you’re looking at feng shui tips, then most likely you are ready for something to change.  Pay attention to that feeling and act on it!  Declutter, declutter, declutter.  And then clean your space so that it feels shiny and new!

Two: Think in terms of balance. 

  • When you enter each room – does the furniture feel balanced, or is it all on one side of the room?
  • Is there a lot of stuff on the floor, but not a lot of things hanging on the wall? 
  • Is it dark on one side of the room, but light on the other?
  • Does your bed have equal space on both sides or is it skewed in one direction?
  • Do you have a lot of one color in your space?
  • A lot of the same type of furniture?
  • Lots of wood, lots of metal, lots of white or neutrals but no color? 

Also, think in pairs: Do you have two lamps, two side tables, two chairs to sit in? Is your space set up for multiple people or just you?  The more balanced your space is the better the energy movement, and the better feng shui. 

Move your furniture so that it is balanced in the room and not just on one side.  Move chairs so that people can sit and have conversations.  Move pictures and art so that it is not just on one wall.  Add color to each room (for color ideas, check out this post on the colors of the bagua.)

It sometimes helps to take pictures so you can see things through a different perspective and really get an idea of how it feels in your space for other people. 

We get so used to our spaces that it’s easy to think everything is fine – but good can be in the way of great, and it might feel so much better to shift things around!

feng shui basics: let the light in

Three:  Let the light in!  If things in your life are feeling stagnant and it feels like you’re just in the hamster wheel with no place to go, then open the windows and curtains and let the light in! 

If you don’t have windows or can’t open them, you can also use lamps and light fixtures that point light upward in your space.  Upward light uplifts the space, and so does sunlight. 

Light is fire energy in feng shui.  It burns away the stagnant energy to make room for new, fresh energy to enter.  And if you can open your windows, that’s even better because the outside air will stir up the chi of your space and get rid of the old stuffy energy.

Four:  Remove the tv (and other electronics) from your bedroom. 

Your bedroom is your sanctuary in feng shui. It is the basis of your health and healthy relationships!  It is where you go to rest and recharge. 

Electronics can interrupt your sleep because they carry a lot of energy.  Plus they represent information coming into your awareness, which is the opposite of what you want when you’re trying to relax! 

If you can’t remove the tv or your phone from your bedroom, then find a way to cover or block the tv when you are sleeping, and put your phone in a drawer (preferably not next to the bed). 

This will block the energy flow from the tv and help you sleep better and help your body get rid of stressful energy while you’re resting.

Five:  Clean your front door and make sure all hardware is in good working order.  Also, make sure the doors in your home open freely and aren’t hindered by objects behind them. 

Your front door is how opportunity and good luck finds you and enters your space, so you want it to be welcoming. You also want the energy to easily enter your home! 

If you have an apartment or live in just one room, then this applies to the entryway of your room or apartment as well.  Clean it and keep it in good working order. 

If you really want to enhance good luck and opportunity (and wealth!) entering your life, you can also learn more tips here: how to feng shui your front door.

Six:  Look at your artwork. 

  • Do you have pictures and artwork that you love hanging on your walls?
  • Does any of it depict sadness or tumultuous times?
  • Do you have pictures of old relationships everywhere?
  • Do you have artwork from other times in your life that no longer reflects how you feel now (or how you would like to feel?)
  • Do you have shelving or large 3D art that hangs over you while you’re sitting on your couch or sleeping in your bed? 

Artwork and pictures can greatly affect how we feel in a space, but oftentimes we don’t think about it because it’s been hanging around for a while and we no longer “see” it.  But in feng shui, what’s in your home can directly represent how your life is going. 

If you want a relationship, for example, but you have a lot of pictures of you doing things by yourself, it can reflect how single you feel and how you aren’t ready for a relationship. 

The biggest rule of good feng shui is to live with what you love, but make sure it represents what you truly want and doesn’t reflect things you don’t want! 

Get rid of anything you don’t love anymore and find art that reflects where you’re going, not where you’ve been.

basic feng shui principle: add a plant!

Seven:  Add plants.  Plants emit positive Chi all on their own, because they are living, breathing things.  They also cleanse the air in our homes, turning the old stagnant air into new, fresh air!  Studies have even found that keeping a plant on your desk can reduce stress levels while you work.

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, adding a low maintenance plant (like a pothos or jade) can uplift your space and add some much needed positive energy.  

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simple feng shui tips for creating a home you love (7 basic feng shui tips that work for anyone!)