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feng shui rituals for increasing abundance

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One of the most overlooked aspects of feng shui is that it’s actually a life-long practice.

Yes, you can use feng shui tips for a quick boost in your home and to help you attract the things you want in life.

But in order to truly use feng shui to create change in your life, it’s best used as a practice throughout your whole home.

One of my favorite ways to incorporate feng shui into my routine is to use feng shui rituals for abundance!

These are rituals that I use on a regular basis. Whenever I’m doing a deep cleaning or when I am really ready to move into a new phase of abundance – these are the feng shui tools that I use to cement that intention into my life and move forward!

feng shui rituals increase abundance

6 feng shui rituals to increase abundance!

One: Clean the front door.

Your front door and entryway are where new opportunities and fresh energy find you! It’s how Chi (life force energy) enters your home and life.

The front door is one of the most important areas of your home, which is why I always start here when I’m ready to welcome in more abundance!

I always sweep the porch, shake out the rug, sweep around the door on the outside to remove dirt and cobwebs, and wash my front door.

abundance rituals feng shui

I usually buy a new doormat every season so that it’s fresh (my front door is in full sun, so things tend to fade quickly out there.)

I also switch out my wreath every season! Washing the front door (inside and out) removes all of the old stagnant energy and ensures everything is fresh.

I also oil the hinges and make sure everything is working properly.

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Two: Clean the stovetop.

The stovetop is considered the wealth center of the kitchen.

Since it represents the fire element, it really helps to get things moving in your finances and overall abundance!

feng shui cures money

It’s important to keep it clean and make sure you use all of the burners (or at least turn them on for a few seconds every week!)

Whenever I am ready to move forward in my finances, I make sure to give the stove top a good scrubbing.

I have a gas stove so that means I take off the knobs, grates, and even the burners themselves and make sure they are clean.

Then I put everything back together and turn all of the burners on for a few seconds.

This is really powerful – especially if you set your intention and visualize the abundance coming to you while the burners are going!

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feng shui wealth cures

Three: Clean and declutter the money area.

The money area of your home is the back left third, when you’re standing at the front door, looking inside. (Click here to see the feng shui map of your home and learn how to use it!)

Every time I want more money in my life, I clean this area as if it’s never been cleaned before!

Scrub everything, put everything away, and organize as much as possible. If I really want to get serious, I clean the window inside and outside too!

When you look at your money area, you also want to look for broken items, unfinished projects, dirt, grime — anything that could be blocking your abundance.

When I first used feng shui in this area, I found old financial documents that DEFINITELY reflected my past and not my future. So look at everything in cabinets and closets too!

ideas more wealth feng shui

Four: Sweep the corners and ceiling.

Corners and ceilings tend to hold dust, dirt, and stuck energy because things just tend to collect there.

Most of us don’t regularly move in the corners of rooms, so clearing them out can really change the energy of your space!

After cleaning and refreshing the money area, make sure you take a broom and sweep the corners of the walls and ceilings to remove the stuck energy! Stir up the Chi!

Five: Smudge!

Smudging removes the negative, stuck Chi in every area of your home, so I like to smudge whenever I deep clean.

But when I’m concentrating on my finances, I will smudge everything in the money area!

As you’re smudging, crack a window and imagine all of the old, negative financial energy leaving and making tons of room for new abundance to pour in! (Click here to learn how to smudge!)

Six: Crystals!

I have lots of crystals in my whole home, especially in the money area! One of my favorite money rituals is to smudge the crystals and move them around in the money area especially.

Even if I just pick them up and smudge them and put them back – it stirs up the energy in the money area!

Plus the smudging removes all of the stuck energy and allows the crystals to be reprogrammed.

Crystals like to have a job, so I set my intentions for more abundance as I smudge them.

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money feng shui

Bonus feng shui rituals you can use to welcome in more abundance!

One: Turn on your porch light for 3 hours during the day.

Turning on the porch light draws additional fire energy and attention from the Universe to your front door.

Set your intention as you turn the light on: Universe, I would like more money to come to me!

Two: Use a candle.

Write your intention on a slip of paper, then light a candle in your money area. Put the slip of paper under the candle (you can even say it out loud as you light the candle.) Leave the candle lit for a few hours or even just a few minutes if you don’t have time to watch it.

Three: Buy a new plant or move a plant into your money area.

Plants represent growth, stability, and vitality, all things you need when you’re welcoming growth in your finances! You can also write your intention on a slip of paper and bury it in the dirt of the plant to give it an extra boost! (Click here to see the plants that represent abundance in feng shui!)

finances feng shui

Four: Refresh your wallet and/or purse.

Remove old receipts, old gum or other wrappers, accumulated coins, and whatever else might have piled up in there! Also, make sure your wallet and purse are in good condition and check to see if either of them needs to be replaced. Click here to learn other ways to feng shui your wallet and purse!

Five: Create or refresh your feng shui money bowl!

Taking everything out of your money bowl (or creating one if you don’t have one yet!) will stir up the Chi and refresh your intentions! You can also use your new money goal or intention when you refresh your bowl to bring new life into your money dreams! Click here to see how to create a money bowl!

As you can see, there are lots of feng shui tools you can use when you want to manifest more money.

Don’t get overwhelmed! Pick one or two things and implement them into your routines and pretty soon you’ll move through them quickly and manifest more money whenever you need!

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