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Feng Shui Lotus Flower: Meaning, Uses, Symbolism, & Placement!

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Could you use more harmony and peace in your home?

Have you overcome challenges and obstacles in your life and you’re ready for something new?

Would you like to attract wealth and increase success and good fortune?

If so, using lotus flower symbolism in your home could be perfect for you!

Let’s discuss the feng shui lotus flower, its meanings, uses, and placement in your home!

woman holding lotus flower candle in her lap

The Story of the Lotus Flower

The lotus flower starts as a seed that is buried in mud.

It then grows through the muddy water to bloom, clean and free of mud, on the surface of the water.

Because of how it grows, the lotus flower has become a symbol of rebirth, purity, and the journey to enlightenment.

In Buddhism, the lotus flower represents the journey from darkness to light and the attainment of enlightenment.

In Hinduism, the lotus flower is a symbol of creation, fertility, and beauty.

Its seven petals also represent the seven chakras of the energetic body.

In China, the lotus flower symbolizes a noble person who has achieved purity and perfection.

pink lotus flower reflected in water

Feng Shui Lotus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

In feng shui the lotus flower symbolizes:

  • Purity – the ability to rise above the murky waters and remain untouched by them.
  • Enlightenment – the path of achieving inner peace and wisdom.
  • Growth – the journey of personal growth and transformation by overcoming obstacles and challenges in life.
  • Harmony – balance in all aspects of life.
  • Abundance – attracting wealth and prosperity and increasing success.
  • Cleansing of negative energy – removing negative energy and increasing positive Chi.
  • Love and Romance – attracting harmony in your romantic life, or even attracting a new romantic partner.

Overall, the lotus flower symbolizes purity, enlightenment, growth, harmony, and abundance in Feng Shui.

It is a powerful symbol that can enhance positive Chi and promote spiritual growth, new beginnings, and personal transformation.

woman holding feng shui lotus flower candle holder

How to Use the Lotus Flower in Feng Shui


Lotus flower artwork, photography, or paintings are very popular for feng shui.

After all, the lotus flower is one of the most well-known symbols of overcoming obstacles.

You can use lotus flower art throughout your home to increase positive energy and create an uplifting space.

It’s especially useful in common household rooms to create harmony and balance in relationships.

Or use it in your meditation space to help you achieve enlightenment!

Jewelry, Clothing, or Tattoo Art

Wearing a lotus flower as jewelry, clothing, or even tattoo artwork can create a personal totem that helps you remember everything you’ve been through in life has a purpose.

It can also help you overcome any obstacle that stands in your way.

Lotus flowers are often used as beads in feng shui bracelets to call on the energy of the lotus flower and help you attract love, romance, success, good fortune, and abundance.

Lotus Flower Symbol

The lotus flower symbol is often used to represent balance and harmony.

If you don’t want to hang lotus flower artwork, you can print out a small lotus flower symbol to use instead.

Place it in a drawer or under furniture to help attract love, harmony, enlightenment, or new beginnings.

Plant (live or artificial)

You can also grow lotus flowers as live plants or use artificial lotus flowers in your home decor.

Just remember the feng shui rules for plants: they should be healthy, or they need to be replaced ASAP.

And fake plants should always be clean, well-maintained, and in good condition.

feng shui crystal lotus flower with colorful center

The Feng Shui Crystal Lotus Flower

While you can use the lotus symbol in many different ways in feng shui, such as artwork and jewelry, it’s most often used as a crystal lotus in feng shui.

The feng shui crystal lotus flower is usually made of glass. They come in various shapes and styles, as well as many different colors.

You can place the crystal lotus flower in different areas of your home, office, or business to create positive energy and attract abundance and harmony to that area of your life.

The color of the crystal lotus also has its own meaning.

You can choose a specific color to attract that energy into your life, or use it to activate or balance one of the five elements.

Clear or White: White or clear represents purity, clarity, and new beginnings.

Pink: Pink is associated with love, romance, and emotional healing. It activates the fire element.

Purple: This color is associated with spiritual growth, wisdom, and intuition. It’s also associated with wealth, royalty, and abundance. It activates the fire element.

Blue: Blue is associated with calmness, peace, and relaxation. It activates the water element.

Green: Green is associated with growth, abundance, and prosperity. It activates the wood element.

Yellow: Yellow is associated with happiness, joy, and positivity. It activates the earth element.

Black: Black is associated with sophistication, power, and abundance. It activates the water element.

Orange: Orange is associated with courage and creativity. It activates the earth element or the fire element.

woman holding clear feng shui crystal lotus flower

Feng Shui Lotus Flower Placement

You can use the lotus flower throughout your home, office, or business to activate different areas of the feng shui bagua map.

You can use lotus flower artwork, sculptures, decor, paintings, or the crystal lotus flower – whichever you like the most!

You can also print a picture of a lotus flower (or the lotus flower symbol) and place it in a drawer or behind other artwork.

It doesn’t have to be visible to work!

Here are some ideas of where to place your lotus flower:

In Your Home’s Wealth Corner

Placing a lotus flower in your home’s wealth corner can attract abundance in all areas of your life, not just wealth!

It can also help you attract clarity and harmony in your finances.

On Your Desk at Work

Placing a crystal lotus flower on your work desk can help improve focus, productivity, and creativity.

The lotus flower is also a symbol of purity and can help promote positive energy in your workspace.

It can also increase abundance and good fortune in your work!

artwork of pink lotus flower in a pond

In Your Bedroom

The crystal lotus flower is believed to promote calmness and serenity.

Placing it in your bedroom can help create a peaceful environment, improve sleep quality, enhance your romantic relationship, or even help you attract a new romantic partner into your life.

Near Your Front Door

The front door of your home is considered the “mouth of Chi,” because it’s how fresh energy enters your home and begins to circulate.

You can place a lotus flower near your front door to attract good fortune, new beginnings, or increase positive energy and harmony in your home.

In Your Home’s Health Area

The health area of your home is associated with the physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being of everyone in your household.

It is also associated with creating a strong, stable foundation in life.

You can place a lotus flower in this area to increase harmony, peace, health, and positive energy for every being that lives in your home.

In Your Home’s Family and Legacy Area

The family and legacy area of your home is associated with the relationships in your family as well as the legacy you leave behind.

Placing a lotus flower in this area will strengthen and harmonize all of the relationships in your family.

crystal lotus flower candle holder next to crystal wand

In Your Home’s Love and Relationship Area

The love and relationship area of your home is responsible for the love you have for yourself and others.

It’s also responsible for your romantic relationship.

You can use the lotus flower symbol in this area to boost self-love or increase romance between you and your partner.

You can also place a lotus flower here to attract a new romantic partner into your life!

In Your Home’s Knowledge and Wisdom Area

The knowledge and wisdom area of your home is associated with spiritual enlightenment and wisdom.

Placing a lotus flower in this area can help you along your spiritual journey and also help you overcome obstacles that might be in your path.

In Your Living Room or Family Room

Placing a lotus flower in common areas of your home, like your living room or family room, can increase positive energy throughout your whole home.

It can uplift everyone’s moods as well as increase peace and harmony between everyone who lives in your home.

Wear a Lotus Flower

Wearing lotus flower jewelry can help increase your personal positive energy and happiness.

You can find lotus flower jewelry in various forms, such as necklaces, feng shui bracelets, and earrings.

Or you can wear it on your clothing or even get a lotus flower tattoo!

Meditate with a Crystal Lotus Flower

Crystal lotus flowers can help enhance meditation practices by reducing stress and increasing calm and relaxation. It can also help you reach spiritual enlightenment!

Hold the crystal lotus flower in your hand or place it in front of you during your meditation practice.

Place a Lotus Flower in Your Business

You can place a lotus flower near the entry of your business to attract success and positive Chi.

You can also keep one near the cash register to increase sales and repeat customers!

Lotus flower decor in your business can also increase peace and harmony for everyone who works in your business.

As you can see, there are so many different ways you can use a feng shui lotus flower in your home, business, or even in your clothing and jewelry!

You can try any of the ideas above or come up with your own way to harness the power of the lotus flower in your life. You can’t get it wrong – use your intuition!

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