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Real Plants vs. Fake Plants in Feng Shui: Which is Best?

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One of the most popular ways to incorporate feng shui into a living space is by adding plants.

However, not everyone has a green thumb or the time to care for living plants.

That’s where fake plants come in.

In feng shui, artificial plants sometimes have a bad reputation.

In fact, you’ll often find feng shui practitioners who say to NEVER have fake plants in your home.

But while it’s true that fake plants do not have the same Chi energy as live plants, fake plants aren’t automatically bad for feng shui.

In fact, if you love artificial plants, they will benefit your home with positive energy – especially in areas of your home that don’t support live plants!

Plus these days artificial plants can be so well created that they almost look like the real thing.

Let’s discuss fake plants in feng shui and how to use them!

fake plants feng shui

Real Plants vs. Fake Plants in Feng Shui

While real plants contain live Chi (life-force energy,) it’s not true that fake plants have dead Chi.

Fake plants aren’t any different from other decor items in your home, like pillows or curtains.

And other decor items can also attract stagnant Chi as much as fake plants can!

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using fake or real plants in your home.

Advantages of Real Plants

Real plants have been used in feng shui for centuries, and for good reason. Here are some advantages:

  • They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, improving air quality.
  • They are natural and have a calming effect on the mind and body.
  • They can be used to represent the five elements of feng shui (water, wood, fire, earth, metal).
  • They can attract positive energy and good luck.

Disadvantages of Real Plants

While real plants have many benefits, they also come with some drawbacks:

  • They require maintenance, such as watering, pruning, and fertilizing.
  • They can attract insects and pests.
  • They can die, which can bring negative energy into the space.
  • They may not thrive in certain environments, such as those with low light or high humidity.

Advantages of Fake Plants

Artificial plants have become increasingly popular in feng shui due to their convenience and low maintenance. Here are some advantages:

  • They require no watering or maintenance.
  • They can be placed in any environment, regardless of lighting or humidity.
  • They can be used to represent the five elements of feng shui.
  • They can be used in spaces where real plants are not practical, such as offices or apartments.

Disadvantages of Fake Plants

While artificial plants have their benefits, there are also some downsides:

  • They do not release oxygen or absorb carbon dioxide.
  • They do not have the same calming effect as real plants.
  • They can look fake and cheap if not chosen carefully.
  • They can become dusty and need to be cleaned regularly.
3 artificial plants in small white pots

Feng Shui Rules for Fake Plants

Keep them clean and well-maintained.

Fake plants can accumulate dust and dirt, which can trap stagnant Chi energy and stop it from circulating.

Replace them if they are faded or in bad condition.

Everything you keep in your home should be kept in as good condition as possible, including fake plants.

Treat them the same as other home decor objects.

When you no longer love them and resonate with them, give them away so they can have a new energetic life with someone who loves them.

fake flowers in a white cup on a table

The Difference Between Fake Plants and Dried Plants in Feng Shui

Dried plants are more natural than fake plants, so they have a different type of Chi energy.

Fake plants tend to be made of plastic or silk, while dried plants originated from live plants.

The life span of dried plants or flowers tends to be shorter unless they were preserved in some way.

And unless you have a specific sentimental attachment to the dried flowers, it’s better to replace them as soon as they start to deteriorate.

Otherwise, they represent dead and dying energy, which can stop Chi from circulating.

Plus dried flowers and plants are harder to keep clean.

Treat dried flowers as you would fresh, cut flowers – replace them or compost them when they are past their prime.

The Feng Shui Elements and Fake, Dried, or Artificial Plants

  • Fake plants are usually made of plastic and/or silk, which is the earth element.
  • Dried plants are also the earth element.
  • Fake flowers can also activate other elements depending on their color (pink or red flowers would activate the fire element, for example.)
  • Live plants are a combination of elements. The plant itself is the wood element, the dirt or soil is the earth element, and whatever container they’re in can also represent an element (a metal container would be the metal element, for example.)
store shelves with a wide variety of fake and artificial plants

How to Use Fake Plants in Feng Shui

You can use fake plants for feng shui in the same way you’d use live plants.

Some great ways to use fake plants for good feng shui are:

As screens to slow down energy flow.

You can place them near stairwells or fireplaces to slow down and soften energy so it circulates. They are also great for doors that open to large windows or front doors that align with back doors. They slow the energy movement and keep it circulating throughout your home.

To block poison arrows or sharp corners.

Poison arrows are darts of energy that stick out into a room, “piercing” the energy. Poison arrows can happen from sharp corners of furniture or even walls. Placing fake plants near the corner can soften the energy so it’s no longer piercing the room.

To create height.

Placing fake plants or flowers in hanging baskets or on top of furniture or cabinets can draw your eyes upward, which uplifts the energy in a room. It also helps brighten ceiling corners that trap stagnant energy or feel dark and dreary.

artificial plant hanging on a wall

To stop draining Chi.

Drains in your home, like in bathrooms or laundry rooms can leak Chi energy. You can use fake plants near the drains to help slow the draining Chi and keep it circulating. Fake plants can be even better than live plants in these situations if your bathrooms or laundry room don’t have a lot of natural light

To brighten dark rooms or corners.

Again, not all rooms can support healthy live plants or flowers. Try using fake flowers or plants in those rooms to brighten the energy.

To balance the elements or activate areas of the bagua.

You can use colorful fake flowers to balance the elements or activate different areas of the bagua. Choose colors that align with the element you want to increase or choose colors that align with the area of the bagua map you want to activate!

On or near your front door.

Fake flowers can be AMAZING for your front door! Your front door is the “mouth of Chi” – it is how energy enters your home and starts to circulate. Adding a bright, colorful wreath with fake flowers can attract vibrant Chi energy! Wreaths can be a fun and inexpensive way to add fresh energy to your front door without having to change anything else. (See this post for more ways to feng shui your front door!)

fake plant on a decorative shelf

How to Maintain Fake Plants for Good Feng Shui

Like we discussed above, if you are going to keep fake flowers or plants in your home, they have to be in good condition. Artificial flowers and plants that are dusty, dirty, grimy, or faded can create stuck energy. Good feng shui is all about energy flow!

  • Dust them with a soft brush or cloth. Add them to your cleaning schedule so they stay in good shape!
  • Rinse them under water if they are made of water-safe materials. Water also cleanses energy, washing stuck Chi down the drain.
  • Take them outside and shake them off. If they are super dusty or dirty, take them outside and shake them or brush them off.
  • Replace them often if they are in bright sun and fade quickly.
  • Make sure you interact with them to keep the Chi fresh! Cleaning them will remove stuck energy, but like anything in your home, if you don’t interact with it, it will lose energy. You can rotate fake plants throughout your home like you would live plants!

Should you keep artificial plants in the bedroom?

Artificial plants in the bedroom aren’t automatically bad feng shui.

In fact, they are preferable to dead or dying real plants!

Again, it’s important to keep them in great condition and clean them often.

Your bedroom represents rest, relaxation, good health, and your romantic relationship.

Anything you keep in your bedroom should be well maintained so the energy stays fresh and uplifted!

See this post for more information about the best feng shui plants for your bedroom!

Are fake plants bad luck?

No, fake plants aren’t automatically bad luck! Just like everything in your home, the meaning really comes from how YOU feel about it. If you feel like artificial plants are bad luck or bad feng shui, then they will be! But if you love fake plants and keep them clean and in good condition, they won’t bring you bad luck. For more information about bad luck plants in feng shui, see this post.

Final Thoughts About Feng Shui & Artificial Plants

As you can see, as with almost all things in feng shui, fake plants aren’t automatically positive or negative in your home.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use artificial plants is up to you! The most important rule in feng shui is you should LOVE your home!

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