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feng shui tips for fall: feng shui your home for the autumn season!

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Every season represents an opportunity to begin again and enter a new phase in your life.

Fall is the season of harvesting the benefits of everything you’ve planted in your life this year.

It also represents putting the growth in your life to bed so that you can rest and recharge.

These feng shui tips for fall will help you reset your home and your life to get ready for the winter season!

feng shui fall tips

9 feng shui tips for fall:

One: Clear the clutter.

Fall is the time when we are getting ready to spend more time indoors, which means it’s a great time to clear the clutter you’ve been avoiding during the busy summer months!

Things tend to build up during the busy spring and summer months, but now is the time when the leaves are dropping, which means it’s an excellent time to let things drop.

Let go of the old so that you can be ready to plant the new!

Two: Open the windows and blinds to let in fresh energy.

If you’ve had the air conditioning on all summer, fall is a great time to clear the stagnant air in your home.

Sunshine and fresh air clears the stagnant Chi (life force energy) and will freshen your entire home.

Open the windows while you’re clearing clutter or cleaning for an extra boost of fresh energy!

This is also an excellent time to switch out your home’s air filters to keep the good energy flowing!

feng shui tips autumn decor

Three: Tend to the outside.

Prep your yard for winter. Clear the cobwebs on outdoor furniture, pick up the dead leaves, clear the gutters, and cut back any old plants or bushes that need it. This cleans up the stagnant Chi and helps you move forward in life!

Four:  Think of the fall as the time to “put your home to bed.”

The days get shorter and colder, which means a lot more warm and cozy energy in your home!

Switch out your home decor for more warm, earthy colors. Switch out your bedding for more cozy, warm options. And switch out your wardrobe if you put away your clothes each season!

Prep your home and your life for the winter/hibernating months!

Five: Refresh your front door.

Your front door is where fresh life force energy (Chi) enters your home.

It’s also how good fortune and good luck find you!

Refreshing your front door at the beginning of every season is extremely important for helping new energy enter into your life!

Sweep your porch, wash down your front door, get a new doormat, and add a fall wreath to spruce it up!

You can also switch out your plants for fall plants or add other harvest decor. (Click here to learn more about how to feng shui your front door!)

feng shui tips fall decor

Six: Clean out the fridge and cabinets.

Old or expired food represents stuck energy in your health! Fall is a great time to go through your pantry and fridge.

Clear out all the old food and reorganize it! This will boost your and your family’s health, as well as get your kitchen ready for the next season!

Seven: Add more lighting.

As the days get shorter and the daylight wanes, it’s more important than ever to keep the energy in your home high (yet cozy!)

Add more lamps to work areas, shared living spaces, and your kitchen to boost your energy during the fall and winter months.

Adding lamps adds more warmth and fire energy, which will keep your energy high and yet your home warm and cozy.

Be sure to open the curtains on sunny days too, especially if you start to feel depressed or stir crazy!

Eight: Add harvest colors and symbols.

Harvest is the time of reaping all of the rewards of the hard work you’ve put in in the spring and summer.

Use the warm colors in your decor (oranges, yellows, muted reds, browns.)

You can even create a fall centerpiece for your table or kitchen, full of pumpkins, corn, fall leaves, apples, and dried flowers to represent a bountiful harvest for your family!

(Bonus: pumpkins represent good fortune and abundance in feng shui, so add some outside your front door, too!)

feng shui for fall season

Nine: Smudge.

Smudging is particularly powerful when the season changes.

Not only does it clear the energetics of your home and personal aura, but it also changes the ionization of the air in your home!

If you don’t have a regular smudging practice, smudging at the beginning of every season is a great place to start.

Everything about feng shui for the fall is energetically cleansing your space to make way for the new – and nothing does this better than smudging! Click here to learn more about smudging and how to do it!

Bonus: Fall is associated with metal energy in the feng shui creative cycle.

The metal areas of your home are: Children/Creativity as well as Travel/Helpful People.

(Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map of your home and learn how to use it!) Refreshing these areas of your home can be extremely helpful in the fall.

Refreshing the children/creativity area of your home will help brighten that energy, making room for more creative projects and inspiration. It will also help support your children’s transition to fall.

Refreshing the travel/helpful people area clears out the stagnant energy in your commute, travels, and makes room for helpful people to enter your life!

Clear clutter in these areas, move furniture in these areas, and open the curtains and windows! It’s also a great time to spend extra time dusting, sweeping, or vacuuming these areas to remove old energy and make room for new Chi!

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feng shui tips for fall: feng shui your home for the autumn season!