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feng shui tips for good energy – 8 ways to increase the happiness in your home with feng shui!

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feng shui tips for good energy – 8 ways to increase the happiness in your home with feng shui!

With so many of us being home unexpectedly these days, creating a home that feels warm, welcoming and is a place where everyone wants to hang out is even more important.  We all deserve a home that we love, that’s full of calm and positive energy.  Feng shui can help you achieve a home that feels great and that also supports your and your family’s dreams!

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Here are 8 feng shui tips for good energy in your home and life.

▶ Feng shui is all about bringing new, fresh energy into your home and keeping that energy circulating. That means if there are areas of your home where energy doesn’t move freely, those areas will block or stop the flow of Chi (life force energy.) 

Do you have areas of your home that are full of clutter, full of large furniture, that feel dark and damp, or that go unused?  Are any doorways or closets blocked by furniture or clutter?

Those are areas where the energy flow is blocked, which means when positive energy enters your home, it gets stuck.  

Start by decluttering where you can, and by moving furniture around so that it’s balanced in the room. 

For rooms that are dark or go unused, go through and turn the lights on!  Start spending time in there, if possible, to move the energy around. 

Do whatever you need to do to make the room feel happy and vibrant, so you want to spend time in there! 

Also, consider how you and your family would best use the space

For example, if you don’t use the dining room because you don’t host large dinners, can you start to use it more often for family dinners?  Or would it be better for your family to turn the dining room into a library or study lounge? 

Be creative! Your home should represent your family and not be full of rooms you don’t use just because that’s what it was “made for.”

▶ Make a splash with your entrance.  The entrance to your home is how fresh energy, good luck, good fortune, and new opportunities enter your life, which means you want it (and everyone who enters) to feel welcome and happy to be there. 

Your front door should open freely, be well maintained, and not be obstructed by anything either inside or outside.  

The front door is very important for good feng shui.  Your door should make you smile when you see it from the street or driveway!  You should also have space to place your things when you come inside, so that you feel a sense of calm as soon as you enter.  Click here for more ideas to feng shui your front door so that new, vibrant energy is attracted to your home.

▶ Only keep what you love!  This goes a lot further than just decluttering.

Do you have things in your home that you’ve been meaning to repair or replace? Do you have hand-me-down furniture that you wouldn’t choose to buy? Do you have pictures or sentimental items that reflect people who are no longer in  your life, or parts of your life that you’ve outgrown or moved on from? 

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Any time you look at these items, your subconscious remembers your original intentions.  If you no longer love the item, that negative energy is attached to that item and you’ll feel it every time you are in the room. 

If you want your home to feel refreshed and uplifted, getting rid of those items is a great start! 

If you can’t get rid of them, think of ways you can repurpose or refresh them!  Paint furniture, cover it with slip covers or pretty blankets — do whatever you can to make your space feel inspiring and full of joy whenever you are in it.

Note: Remove old pictures that no longer reflect your life, friends, or family.  Old pictures can hinder you and your family moving forward!  Replace your photos often and be mindful of whether or not they reflect where you want your life to go, and not just where you’ve already been.

▶ Add plants to represent growth and bring life to your home.  Plants are considered wood and earth energy in the feng shui element cycle, which represents growth and stability in your home. 

Plants go great in almost every room (sometimes they can be too stimulating in the bedroom) and always bring fresh air and new life to your home. 

If you have a room that feels stagnant and lifeless — try adding plants to that room to purposely raise the energy!  You can also add them to the money area of your home, or to any other area that needs a boost.

▶ Check your foundation.  In feng shui, the floors of your home represent stability and grounding – and a lot of times we overlook them because we have too many other things going on in our lives to worry too much about it. 

But floors are extremely important, especially if you feel like energy moves too quickly and good energy doesn’t stick around. 

adding plants increases the good energy

Also if you have rooms that no one likes to be in or rooms where your family tends to argue — do those rooms have cozy rugs or carpet? Wood or tile floors bounce energy, and sometimes adding a rug is all you need to make it feel more comfortable and encourage the good energy to stick around.

Be sure to vacuum and mop often — especially if you do have carpeting!  This helps remove old dirt, grime, and stuck energy and it stirs up the Chi, which can make your home feel fresh and more inviting.

▶ Add some light!  Lighting represents fire energy in feng shui, which is the energy that activates and uplifts. 

Open your curtains, or add more lights to dark rooms.  If you have rooms that aren’t used often, turning the lights on deliberately can help keep that area of your home activated. 

If there’s an area of your life that needs special attention, like your finances or love life, adding lights in those areas of the bagua (the feng shui map of your home) can really give them a boost! 

You can also just add more lights to your home in general, to burn off the stagnant energy and bring more activated energy to your life.  

▶ Add bright, cheery artwork.  If you want to expand the good energy in your home, artwork can make a tremendous impact. 

Artwork influences how you feel when you spend time in a space, and a lot of time it’s an afterthought! 

When you are intentionally shifting the energy in your home, consider adding a large, colorful piece of artwork that inspires you.  Stay away from artwork that feels sad, is full of dark colors or dark energy, and depicts lonely people or tumultuous water. 

Choose artwork that is calming, serene, or colorful and energetic (depending on the room — energetic might be too much for a bedroom.)  If you’re having trouble choosing colors, you can use the bagua and see where the room falls and choose bagua colors to compliment it!

Note: Remove artwork that makes you feel sad or that reflects times in your life that you no longer resonate with.  We tend to choose artwork that reflects our lives, so if you bought artwork when you were feeling low or having troubles in your life, it’s possible that your art reflects those feelings! 

Choose artwork that reflects what you want out of life in the near future, or that makes you feel happy when you look at it.

▶ Let your nose lead the way.  One of the things most of us overlook is how much of a difference smell makes to your energy levels and experience of a space. 

Adding candles, essential oils, and doing things like deodorizing your carpets and washing your curtains can make a HUGE difference in how you feel and how inviting your home feels! 

Many of us tend to light candles or use scented plugins when we have company over — but what about just for YOURSELF and your enjoyment of your home? 

Making every day feel more like a special occasion can go a long way towards how the energy feels in your home.  If you don’t believe me, try it! 

Light a candle or start your diffuser in the morning while you go about your morning routine — or try it in the evening while you’re getting everything ready for tomorrow and see how it feels. 

Pretty soon you might be lighting candles or using your diffuser all of the time to keep the good energy going!

Feng shui note: candles represent fire energy in feng shui, so lighting candles is a double win!  Fire energy activates the good Chi (feng shui energy) in your home and can also activate your intentions and get the energy moving in your life.  Light one whenever you are setting your intentions and see what happens!

Once you’ve done several of these things to increase the good energy in your home – take notice of how it feels! Does your home feel happier? Has your experience and your family’s experience gotten better? 

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feng shui tips for good energy – 8 ways to increase the happiness in your home with feng shui!