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Crystals for Healing a Broken Heart and Soothing Heartbreak

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If you’re struggling with a broken heart, it might feel like nothing you do will help. But that’s not true!

If you are actively working on getting over a heartbreak, you know that it can be important to feel hopeful and optimistic about life again.

When you have optimism about the future, everything seems brighter and it feels like anything is possible.

But how do you do that when you are struggling with sadness and frustration?

Can crystals really help you heal a broken heart?

crystals for healing a broken heart (hand holding rose quartz in front of sleeping cats)

How Can Crystals Help You Heal a Broken Heart?

While crystals for healing a broken heart aren’t going to be the ONLY thing you need to do to heal your broken heart, they definitely can help!

You can use crystals to realign your energy throughout the day, reminding yourself of your intentions to get over your heartbreak.

You can also use them to help with negative thoughts, using them as a touchstone to get yourself back on track.

You can use them to shield and protect your aura, helping you keep your energy aligned with positivity and forward momentum.

And of course, you can use them to increase the love, happiness, and self-love throughout your home and life!

Let’s discuss the best crystals for healing a broken heart (and all of the ways you can use them!)

The Best Crystals for Healing a Broken Heart

green aventurine crystals in a heart shape

Green Aventurine

While green aventurine is most well-known for helping you attract good luck and good fortune, it is also a powerful stone for balancing the heart chakra.

It can soothe heartbreak and help you move forward.

And when you’re ready, it can also help you be in the right place at the right time to meet a new partner!

rose quartz towers in front of a window

Rose Quartz

Of course, rose quartz is THE crystal associated with love and romance, but it can also help heal your broken heart.

As the stone of unconditional love, it can help soothe stress and heartache.

It will also balance the heart chakra, helping you feel compassion for yourself as you heal from your relationship.

Rose quartz can also help you manifest a new love into your life!

For more information about rose quartz see this post: How to Use Rose Quartz for Love (16 Different Methods!)

pile of red ruby crystals


Ruby can help you heal a broken heart by boosting your sense of power and vitality.

It increases life force energy and energizes the heart chakra.

It can help you remember your self-worth and inner strength.

It can also help you overcome emotional exhaustion, anger, and resentment.

lapis lazuli crystal

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a stone that attracts serenity, peace, and harmony.

It can help you see the truth of situations and the role you played in them so that you can learn from the past and move on.

It can also connect you with the spirit realm and your higher self, bringing that wisdom into the physical realm.

It is also a stone for communication, helping you communicate your truth with others.

clear quartz tower

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is the master healer, bringing everything around it into alignment.

It helps with clarity, intuition, and balance.

It can also be programmed to hold any intention.

Clear quartz is an amplifier, magnifying the power of other crystals.

If you need help removing negative thoughts and emotions, use clear quartz!

It can help dispel negative energy and allow you to see the positive outcome of any situation.

blue lace agate crystal

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is a crystal that soothes and balances emotions.

It promotes forgiveness, peace, and calm, while helping you remember the promise of new beginnings.

It also helps with self-expression, communication, and confidence!

pink opal crystal

Pink Opal

Pink opal is a crystal for hope and encouragement.

It soothes stress, sadness, and heartache.

It brings love into the aura, helping you heal from traumatic experiences.

It can help you feel compassion for yourself and others so that you feel at peace.

pink tourmaline crystal

Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline cleanses your emotions, helping you release old grudges and emotional wounds.

It soothes your soul while attracting feelings of comfort, safety, and positivity.

It also decreases fear and worry!

green chalcedony crystal

Green Chalcedony

Green chalcedony helps alleviate feelings of sadness and self-doubt while giving you courage and strength in your daily life.

It can help you seek out new beginnings and give you the inner strength to follow them!

It also harmonizes the body, mind, and spirit.

malachite stone


Malachite is the stone of transformation. It can help you break patterns that are holding you back spiritually, emotionally, and mentally!

It is also a stone of manifestation and change, helping you create your best life.

Malachite can help you break negative attachments and let go of what’s holding you back.

carnelian tumble


Carnelian is a crystal for confidence and empowerment.

It helps you harness your motivation and willpower while increasing your ability to make positive changes in your life.

It also helps you trust yourself to make good decisions and know what is best for you!

See this post for more info: What Does a Carnelian Crystal Do? Plus 9 Ways to Use It!

tiger's eye tumble

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is a powerful crystal for grounding and centering your energy while knowing your personal power.

If you struggle with self-worth and confidence, tiger’s eye can help!

It is also used as a stone for protection and discernment – protecting you from negative energy so you can make decisions that are grounded in truth.

This post has even more info: Tiger’s Eye Feng Shui: Meaning, Uses, & Where to Place it In Your Home

black obsidian crystal

Black Obsidian

Black obsidian is a grounding and protection crystal, but it’s also a crystal with healing properties!

It can remove negative energy from your aura while also protecting your mind and spirit from outside influences.

It promotes clarity of thought, introspection, and wisdom. It’s also a powerful crystal for manifestation and transformation.

rainbow moonstone crystals


Moonstone is a crystal for new beginnings and spiritual insight.

It harnesses the Divine feminine energy of the moon, helping you see the wisdom of both beginnings and endings.

It also calms emotions, promotes peace, and increases well-being.

See this post for even more information: Is Moonstone Good for Beginners? 10 Ways to Use Moonstone!

rhodonite crystal hearts


Rhodonite increases self-esteem, confidence, and self-love.

It also eases feelings of betrayal and heartbreak while promoting positive thinking and self-assurance.

It’s often used to heal relationship problems because it increases healing and forgiveness.

selenite tower


Selenite cleanses negative energy, helping remove negative energy and confusion.

It clears the upper chakras, helping you see the truth of situations while removing confusion and anxiety.

It also promotes honesty and enlightenment.

Selenite is one of the few self-cleansing and charging crystals, which means it can be used to cleanse and charge other crystals (as well as your own energy!)

peridot crystal


Peridot increases harmony and compassion in relationships while protecting against negative emotions.

It is a stone of joy and prosperity, helping you see the abundance of love and good fortune in your life!

It also promotes positive thinking and protects you from negative outside influences.

How to Use Crystals to Heal a Broken Heart

Once you’ve chosen the crystal you’d like to work with to heal your broken heart, you can:

  • Wear it as jewelry.
  • Keep one in your pocket.
  • Keep one in your bra.
  • Keep one on your desk while you work.
  • Keep it near your bed at night to help you sleep and destress.
  • Meditate with it.
  • Create crystal water to drink throughout the day.
  • Place it in your home’s feng shui love area to help with relationships and self-love.
  • Keep one in your bedroom’s love corner to hold your intentions for hope and healing.
  • Place it in your home’s feng shui health area to help alleviate the physical symptoms of heartbreak.
  • Create a crystal grid to hold your intentions.
  • Keep it near you while you journal.
  • Keep it near you while you practice self-care.

How to Program Your Crystal to Heal Your Broken Heart:

First: Decide what you would like help with the most.

Would you like to soothe your emotions so you can move forward? Do you need to break negative thought patterns? Are you ready to find love again?

Your intention will guide which crystal you choose.

If you’d just like an overall crystal that promotes healthy emotions and love, choose rose quartz or pink opal.

Second: Cleanse and program your crystal.

You can cleanse your crystal with one of these methods: How to Cleanse Crystals (+ 6 Signs Your Crystals NEED A Refresh!)

That will get rid of any lingering programming or energy your crystal is holding and prepare it to hold your new intention.

To program it, hold your crystal in your hand (or touch it) and repeat your intention to yourself. Your crystal is now programmed! It will hold your intention and help you align your energy!

Third: It is done. Your crystal is programmed and ready to use.

Use it in one of the ways we discussed above, or come up with your own crystal ritual. You can’t get it wrong – trust your intuition!

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