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Feng Shui Flowers for Good Fortune, Joy, Love, and Success!

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In feng shui, flowers and plants are great Chi enhancers.

All living plants enhance the feng shui wood element, which represents growth, progress, renewal, and new beginnings.

Using flowers for feng shui presents a unique opportunity to enhance your home with color and fragrance, too!

Whether you use fresh flowers inside of your home or plant flowers outside of your home, your entire life will benefit from the positive Chi!

feng shui flowers (fresh flowers in a vase)

Feng Shui Flowers: Meanings & Symbolism

Fresh Cut Flowers

If you’ve ever bought or received fresh flowers, you know how special and uplifted you feel!

Just think about when you receive flowers for special occasions – they always make you feel like someone cares about you.

Placing fresh flowers around your home will make the energy of your home feel the same way!

Why not feel that feeling all year round, instead of just on special occasions?

Buying fresh flowers every week or every month can refresh the energy in your home and also subconsciously show yourself that YOU love YOU.

YOU are worth giving yourself and your home fresh flowers! Just make sure that once the flowers wilt or start drying out that you throw them out or compost them.

This makes sure the energy in your home stays bright and uplifted.

ALL types of fresh-cut flowers will bring fresh Chi into your home.

But there are also specific feng shui meanings of flowers that you can purposely use to enhance different areas of your life.

fresh flowers in a vase


Orchids get a special feng shui flower mention here, because they are house plants that bloom and come in many different colors.

In feng shui, orchids represent fertility, feminine energy, love, good fortune, beauty, and happiness.

Keeping orchids in any area of your home will bring that energy to that area of your life! (Check out the feng shui bagua map to see which areas of your home represent the different areas of your life.)

The color of the orchid flowers can also represent different feng shui meanings.

Pink, rose, or red orchids enhance love, fertility, and romance energy.

Place these in your home’s feng shui love corner or in your bedroom to enhance your romantic relationship or increase self-love!

White orchids represent innocence, purity, clarity, and new beginnings.

You can place them in any area where you want to attract new opportunities or by your front door.

Purple orchids increase wealth and prosperity.

They are great for your home’s wealth area, your front door, or on your office desk.

Yellow orchids represent optimism, positivity, and a fresh, sunny disposition.

Place them anywhere you need more positive energy!

flower in a vase next to a bed

Feng Shui Flower Meanings

Flowers that bloom in the late winter and early spring represent new beginnings and rebirth.

Think about how amazing the first spring day feels after a long winter. The first spring blooms represent that energy in feng shui!

Flowers that bloom in the summer represent perseverance and blooming under pressure.

Summer flowers are usually those that enjoy heat and sunshine.

Flowers that bloom in the fall represent abundance, joy, and a bountiful harvest (the reward that comes after hard work!)

Daffodils/Narcissus – success, wealth, optimism, potential, and good fortune

Tulips – perfect or deep love

Pansies – happiness, remembrance, admiration, wealth, and prosperity

Snowdrops – rebirth, new beginnings, purity, and innocence

Plum blossoms – healing, toughness, and perseverance

Peonies – new love, renewal of a relationship, romance, and a happy marriage

Lilacs – renewal, confidence, and prosperity

Cherry blossoms – lucky in love and marriage, good health, and good fortune

Hydrangeas – gratitude and spiritual enlightenment

Roses – romance, love, beauty, and courage

Magnolias – love, purity, and prosperity

Lilies – peace, calm, and well-being.

Gardenias – purity, gentleness, new beginnings, secret love, and joy

Marigolds – optimism, joy, happiness, enlightenment, good fortune

Lotus – peace, harmony, enlightenment, wisdom, and growing through trials and tribulations (no mud, no lotus!) See this post for more information about the feng shui lotus flower.

Chrysanthemums – good cheer, good fortune, balance, and success

Celosia – boldness and courage

Dianthus – loyalty, love, and the flower of the gods

Sunflowers – positivity, strength, joy, good luck, and lasting happiness

fresh flowers wrapped in paper

Feng Shui Flower Color Meanings:

As with orchids, the color of the flower also carries its own meaning in addition to the overall meaning of the plant. For more info about feng shui and color, see this post: color meanings and feng shui

Fire element colors (reds, bright oranges, and hot pink) are activating.

They are the catalysts for change. They also represent passion, positivity, and optimism. You can place them in any area of your home to activate it and attract fresh Chi!

Water element colors (blues and blacks) are the colors of wealth and flow.

Use them in any area of the bagua where you could use more flow or abundance energy.

Wood element colors (greens) are the colors of growth, forward momentum, and new beginnings.

Use them in any area of your home to attract growth and a fresh start.

Metal element colors (gray and white) represent clarity, strength, creativity, and potential.

Place them in any area of your home where you need help from the Universe (or mentors) or where you need more creativity or to finish a project.

Earth element colors (browns and deep yellows) are the colors of grounding and a stable foundation.

Place them in any area of your home where you could use a more stable foundation or where you need to ground the energy.

fresh peonies on top of paper

Feng Shui and Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers represent blooms at their peak energy – when they are the most beautiful.

Contrary to some popular feng shui beliefs, artificial flowers do not represent dead Chi unless they are dusty and neglected.

You can use artificial flowers to boost the Chi of any area of your home in the same way you can use fresh flowers.

Just make sure you keep them well maintained!

Feng Shui and Dried Flowers

In feng shui, dried flowers can hold stagnant Chi because they are difficult to clean or maintain.

If you are keeping dried flowers that have meaning to you, preserving them in an enclosed display or box will help keep their energy clear and clean.

Only keep them if they have special meaning to you!

Otherwise throw out dried flowers when they’re no longer in good condition.

What flower symbolizes luck?

Flowers that symbolize luck and good fortune are: Cherry blossoms, daffodils, marigolds, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers.

Which flower is good for wealth?

Flowers that symbolize wealth and abundance are: African violets and Orchids.

Their round flowers resemble coins, which attract wealth and good fortune!

Purple is also the color associated with the feng shui wealth area of your home, representing luxury, royalty, and money!

For more info about using flowers and plants for wealth, see these posts:

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Which flower is good for love?

Feng Shui flowers that symbolize love and romance are: Roses, peonies, magnolias, tulips, dianthus, and cherry blossoms.

Feng Shui Flower Placement:

As we discussed above, you can place flowers anywhere in your home to welcome fresh energy and growth.

If you have a specific area of your life that could use a boost, you can use the feng shui bagua map to figure out where to place your flowers for the highest impact.

Here are some other ideas of where you can place your feng shui flowers:

Near your front door: to welcome in new opportunities and fresh Chi
In your bedroom: to increase love and romance in your relationship, marriage, or with yourself.
In your bathroom: to counteract draining energy so that Chi continues to circulate in your home, also to enhance self-care
In your living room: to increase harmony and good vibes among household members.
In the center of your home: to increase health and vitality.
In the kitchen: to increase abundance and good fortune.

As you can see, in feng shui, flowers are always a good idea!

Whether you use them for a specific purpose to attract fresh energy or use them to boost the energy all over your home, you might be surprised at how well they work!

Show yourself that you are worth the happiness that fresh flowers bring.

The Universe will reflect that happiness back to you with good fortune and abundance!

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