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How to Make a Manifestation Box [Easy Step by Step Instructions!]

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A manifestation box or wish box is a box where you place all of the things that you’d like to manifest.

It is like a vision board, but instead of displaying all of the items you want to attract, you place them in a box.

A wish box is a lot more private than a vision board.

You can place it somewhere that no one else can see it and it will still work its magic!

How do you make a wish box?

Making a wish box is a very simple process!

There is no right way or wrong way to create a box.

It’s a very individual process, so feel free to come up with a way that works best for you!

Listen to your intuition and have FUN!

Think of all of the amazing things that are coming your way!

manifestation box example - wood box with crystals

Manifestation Box Instructions:

Choose a box.

You can choose any kind of box that you want.

You can use a plain box, a decorative box, a wooden box, you can decorate your own box, or even use a jewelry box if you want!

The main thing to consider when choosing a box for your manifestation box is that it should be large enough to hold the things you want to put in it.

Boxes that work well as manifestation boxes:

  • Wooden boxes
  • Gift boxes
  • Photo storage boxes
  • Jewelry boxes
  • Decorative boxes
  • Cardboard boxes with lids
  • Shoe boxes

Find things you want to put in your box.

The nice thing about a wish box is that you can put things in the box that wouldn’t necessarily work on a vision board.

Larger items or things that have symbolic meaning to you will easily fit in your manifesting box but aren’t easy to put on a vision board!

There are a couple of ways to start putting things in your wish box.

You can gather a whole bunch of items at once and put them all in there.

Or you can add things over time as you come across them or think about them. Or you can do both!

Use pictures from magazines, printouts of things you find on Pinterest, quotes or intention statements you’ve written or printed, small crystals or items that have meaning for you or represent what you want to call in – you can put anything you want in your box!

woman placing crystal in wood box

For example:

  • Photos of times when you were happy or doing things you’d like to do again, like traveling, parties, school, etc.
  • Photos that represent what you want
  • Intention statements you’ve written
  • Goal lists
  • Manifestation lists
  • Things you’ve printed out that represent what you want
  • Pictures of your dream house, dream car, dream wardrobe, dream hairstyle, etc
  • Pictures of trips you’d like to take or places you’d like to go
  • Items that feel the way you’d like to feel as things come true
  • Money or things that represent money
  • Items that represent your dream job
  • Items that represent achieving your goals or things you’ll do once you achieve your goals
  • Things that inspire you
  • Letters to the Universe

You can also put things in the box to increase their manifesting power, like small crystals.

Citrine, green aventurine, clear quartz, or pyrite work well!

You can also place a larger crystal on top of the box to charge it and give it energy!

You can also place dried flowers or incense in the box – choose something that helps you feel the feelings of having what you want.

You can use a manifestation flower essence, dried lavender sachets, essential oils on an altar cloth – whatever makes you feel happy and optimistic about your manifestations and wishes coming true!

decorative wood box for manifestation

How to make your wish box come true:

A manifestation box/wish box is basically a way to “set it and forget it.”

You’ll find that a lot of the things that you put in the box just happen on their own.

This usually happens when you’ve forgotten all about it!

You’ll go back to the box later and realize most of the things have happened.

For example, one year I printed a whole bunch of pictures of things I wanted to happen that year, including a trip I wanted to take and a celebrity I wanted to meet and take a picture with.

I looked back later and both things had happened and it wasn’t in the way I’d thought they would!

I hadn’t even tried to make either thing happen.

I had other things printed out that year too and they all happened – those are just two really specific examples of things I didn’t really see coming.😄

Manifestation Box Ritual:

You can also perform a manifestation ritual with your magic box, if you want!

If you like to really be “hands on” with your manifestations, this will be a really fun process for you.

  • Once a month or so, set a time to sit with your manifestation box.

You can do this on the full moon, new moon, first of the month – whatever time works best for you.

  • Sit quietly with your box.
  • Light a candle, palo santo stick, incense, or use a diffuser to set the mood.

Bonus points if whatever you’re using helps you get in the feeling of having your manifestations!

Use something special that makes you feel happy when you use it.

It can be helpful to have a signature scent – something you use solely for manifestation work.

Then you can use it whenever you want to meditate, use your manifestation journal, or when you need a pick-me-up.

decorative gift box with ribbon and red hearts
  • Go through your box.

Look through everything you have in there and look at all of the things that have already manifested.

You can take them out or leave them, or have a separate envelope or box where you keep the things you’ve already received.

Place any new things you want to put in the box.

  • Once you’re done, place your hand on the box or hold it in your lap.

Sit quietly for a few minutes, setting the intention that the Universe is listening and is bringing you everything you want.

Think of your manifestation box as a way to communicate with and send things to the Universe.

How do you feel knowing that the Universe is listening to you and wants to give you everything you’ve dreamed about?

Feel the feelings of having what you want.

If you received everything in your wish box, how would that feel? Feel those feelings for a few breaths.

  • It is done!

Once you’ve done your manifestation box ritual, you can place your box anywhere you want.

You can keep it out somewhere so that you can easily put things in it.

Or you can also put it somewhere where no one else will find it! It is up to you!

Another powerful thing you can do is place your wish box in the feng shui area of your home that relates to your dreams coming true.

If you want to attract the love of your life, for example, you can put your box in the love and relationship area or in your bedroom.

Here’s how to use the feng shui bagua map to find the different areas of your home.

Other things you can do to make your manifestation magic box more powerful:

  • Create a crystal grid and set it near the box or on top of the box.
  • Set a manifestation crystal near it or on top of the box.
  • Write an intention statement on top of the box, such as: “Whatever is contained in this box—IS!” or “Everything in this box comes to me quickly and easily!”
  • Do a visualization or meditation about the wishes in the box coming true.
  • Do a space clearing ritual to make room for your manifestations.

As you can see, creating a manifestation box can be a personal and fun manifestation process.

As with all manifestation techniques, it will work best for you if you make it your own and have fun with it!

Think of your box as direct communication with the Universe and see how well it works for you.

It’s a powerful way to get everything you want!

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