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Everything You Need to Know about the Command Position in Feng Shui

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Could you use a boost in self-esteem, courage, and confidence?

Would you like to increase success, good fortune, and get a better night’s sleep?

If so, it’s time to learn about the feng shui command position!

Using the command position can help you with furniture and room layouts in your home, office, business, or anywhere else you spend a lot of time.

Let’s discuss the command position in feng shui and how to use it!

command position in feng shui (two wicker chairs with pillows and a side table)

What is the command position in feng shui?

The command position in feng shui is one of the most important principles of furniture layout.

When you use the commanding position to arrange furniture, you are essentially taking charge of the energy in the room (and therefore your life!)

The commanding position in a room is the position of power, success, and strength.

Here’s How to Find The Feng Shui Command Position:

  • You should be facing the door, but not directly in front of the door.
  • Your back is not to any door or walkway.
  • You have a solid wall behind you.

The command position means that you can see anyone who enters the room.

You are in the position of power and have “command” of the room.

When you think about the CEO office in any movie or tv show, think about where the CEO’s desk is situated in the room.

It’s almost always in the command position.

Why is the commanding position the best position in the room?

Essentially, it’s the position of power and safety.

It means no one can sneak up behind you when you’re sitting (or sleeping!)

You can see everyone who enters and exits the room.

You can also see anything else that happens in the room. You have complete control over the space, which means your nervous system will be able to relax instead of always being on high alert.

It also conveys power and strength to anyone who comes into the room.

You are in the power position and are therefore in control.

The command position is also about energy flow.

Being across from the door but not directly in front of the door means that you benefit from the positive energy as it enters the room.

You can (symbolically) see the good fortune, abundance, and auspicious Chi as it comes your way!

You are ready to take charge of new opportunities, good luck, and all of the good you’re attracting into your life.

You won’t miss it because your back is turned.

sofa with pillows and blankets, next to a side table and artwork

What are the benefits of applying the command position in Feng Shui?

  • It’s the position of power.
  • Your nervous system can relax because you can see everyone who enters the room.
  • When your bed is in the command position, it leads to deeper sleep and relaxation.
  • You can see good fortune as it comes your way.
  • The Universe sees you as “in charge” of your life, which leads to greater success, good fortune, and even more respect from others.

The Command Position and Placement of Furniture

The most important pieces of furniture that should be placed in the command position are:


Placing your bed in the command position means you will get a better night’s sleep.

Your nervous system will be relaxed and calm.

Your bed should be across from the door (but not directly in front of it.)

And your head should be against a solid wall.

You should also have a solid headboard – especially if your bed has to go on a wall with a window, or if the wall is next to a bathroom.

This will slow down the energy and help you get a solid night’s sleep!


Your desk in either your work office or home office should be in the command position.

This will help you attract success, power, and financial abundance in your job.

When your desk isn’t in the command position it can cause confusion, frustration, instability in your job, and even things like back-stabbing coworkers!


Your stove is a wealth center in your home, because it’s where you cook meals and share abundance with others.

Ideally, you would be standing in the command position when you are cooking on your stovetop.

That means you shouldn’t have your back to the door, and your cooktop should be against a solid wall.

Sofa or Main Chair

The chair or sofa where you sit the most in your living room or family room should be in the command position.

This is why most feng shui practitioners say not to place your sofa under a window, because it should have a solid wall behind it.

Of course with open floorplans or smaller living rooms, it’s not always possible to follow all of the rules.

So the most important one to consider is to not have your back to the main entrance to the room.

cozy sofa with throw pillows, shelves, and books

Dining Chair

The head chair of the dining table should be in the command position.

This is the position of power in the family, usually reserved for whoever is the “head of the household.”

If you have a round dining table, the position of power will be the one across from the door but not directly in front of it.

Other Furniture/Seating Areas

You can use the command position with every furniture layout in every room.

It’s especially important in rooms where you spend a lot of time.

Placing your child’s bed in the command position will help them sleep better and also be more in control of their lives at work or school.

It can also help with self-esteem!

The same is true of their study area or even gaming area.

Don’t forget to consider the command position for media rooms, hobby or craft rooms, or even workshops!

living room with sofa, side chair, ottoman, and coffee table with decorative items

The Command Position for Business

The command position for business is where you want to place the owner’s desk, work area, or even the cash register or reception desk.

Whoever has the most power in the business should have the most prominent position.

If you have a reception area, for example, the head of reception should be in the command position.

This is the person who will take charge when someone enters the business.

It helps the flow of energy and creates a clear sense of who is in charge when a customer or client enters.

If you have an owner’s office or work room, that should also be in the command position (for the entire office, not necessarily the reception area!)

It should be clearly marked, decorated, and the desk should be in the command position in the room.

If you own a retail store, the cash register should be in the command position.

This will attract financial success, a good reputation, and more clients!

Correcting for the Command Position

Of course, it’s not always practical to place your furniture in the command position.

Some rooms are set up weirdly and you can’t see the door from anywhere in the room.

Or the way the windows are in the room, you’d have to have your back to a window.

Or maybe you already have your room set up the way you like it and you don’t want to move it around.

Or if you are unable to move your desk at work (or you work in a cubicle, so your back is to everyone who enters.)

Are you doomed because you can’t sit in the command position?


The command position is a fundamental position in feng shui, but if you can’t move the furniture there are things you can do to correct it!

  1. Place a small mirror across from you so it reflects the door. This helps you see everyone who enters behind you.
  2. If you’re directly across from the door, you can place plants, decor objects, or furniture between your seat (or bed) and the door to soften the energy flow.
  3. If you don’t have a solid window behind you, you can place plants or crystals on the window sill to soften the energy flow. You can also place solid bookshelves or other decor to either side of the window to help shore up the energy. Or if it’s your desk, you can use a chair with a high back to give you energetic support. Curtains can also help keep energy circulating instead of going out of the window.

Can the command position be applied to any room in the house?

Absolutely! While the command position isn’t the only thing to consider when placing furniture or considering the layout of a room, it should definitely be considered.

If you have rooms where no one in your family likes to sit or hang out, you might even find that the furniture layout is what’s causing it.

Not being able to see when someone enters a room can be intuitively uncomfortable for everyone – which means people won’t want to sit in the room for very long.

Try rearranging the furniture so the seating is in the command position and see what happens!

You might also find that everyone in your household essentially “competes” for the command position or the “best chair in the room.”

When you pay attention to it, you’ll see the effects of the command position everywhere.

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