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feng shui design tips for creating the home of your dreams

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One thing to keep in mind when you’re considering which feng shui design tips to apply in your home is that feng shui is all about creating flow and creating a home that you love.

Your home should reflect who you are and what you want out of life, which means applying feng shui in ways that make sense.

You’re not trying to create a home that’s “picture-perfect” in feng shui terms, you are trying to create a home that everyone in your family enjoys living in!

feng shui design tips

Here are 7 feng shui design tips to help you create the home of your dreams!

One: Create the blank slate.

This means clearing both the energy of the space and anything that blocks flow.

How do you do that? First, you want to clear any clutter that is in the room.

Are the drawers, closets, and other pieces of furniture all stuffed full of objects?

Is the room stuffed full of furniture so that you’re constantly bumping into things or having to move around the furniture to get to different areas?

Can you easily move through the space to use it AND to clean it?

Go through the room and clear anything that doesn’t belong there. Move furniture around so that walkways and doorways aren’t blocked.

Create as much flow and space as you can.

feng shui home decor

What do I mean by “flow?”

Flow means that energy can move freely around your home (and each individual room.)

Feng shui means “wind” and “water.” Think of how easily a river could flow through your home.

Would it be able to loop through each room in your home easily? Can YOU move through each room in your home easily?

Ideally, you should be able to enter each room and use it properly. You shouldn’t have to step over things, bump into things, or worry that things will fall on your head if you open the closet or cabinet.

If you can’t currently do that then it’s time to make a plan to clear out the clutter.

Everyone has a different way they like to do that – some people like to clear clutter a little at a time, and will benefit from spending one day a week or a few days a month getting rid of things.

Other people like to do it all at once, and will benefit from a marathon clutter clearing session.

Whichever way you do it – make a plan and stick to it. You and your home will feel much better when you clear out your space and have more room to flow!

After you clear the clutter and move furniture around, it’s time to clear the energy.

feng shui home you love

The clutter clearing helps a lot – every item you move around or get rid of stirs up the Chi (life-force energy flow) and helps lighten the energy of your home and create good feng shui.

But to take the energy clearing to another level, you can also smudge your home. Click here to learn how to smudge your home and remove negative energy.

Two: Consider the purpose of each room and how you want it to feel.

Feng shui is about energetics, and everything you do in your home either supports or undermines those energetics.

The bedrooms, for example, should be sanctuaries – rooms everyone uses to recharge, rest, and restore their energy.

Living rooms and family rooms, should be lively areas where you and your family spend time together or entertain others.

Dining rooms and kitchens should be sources of nourishment and abundant, healthy energy.

Your home office should be a place that supports your success in your work.

In terms of design, think about the different uses you have for each room.

If it needs to be a calming space of rest and relaxation – use soothing colors, soft fabrics, and dim lighting.

In rooms that need to support your family’s togetherness and communication – use brighter colors, upbeat artwork, and bright lighting.

Also make sure the furniture in those rooms is arranged in ways that encourages everyone to interact with each other!

Place the furniture in groups that make sense – don’t line it up against the wall or have chairs facing away from each other if you want everyone to interact and have fun.

home design tips feng shui

Three: Look for poison arrows.

Poison arrows are corners of objects that point directly at you while you’re in the room or using a piece of furniture.

Poison arrows scream “danger” in feng shui terms – they are areas that keep your nervous system on high alert.

Think about the corners of your nightstands – do they point directly at your head while you’re sleeping?

When you are sitting on the couch, is there a coffee table corner pointing at you?

Are there pieces of furniture or corners that you or your family tend to bang your knees on a lot? Are there sharp corners on walls that point at you when you’re in a room?

Poison arrows “pierce” the energy of the room, so you can either remove them, or cover them.

You can also adjust the furniture slightly so that it’s not pointing directly at you.

For your bedroom, your nightstands should ideally be either even with your mattress, or a bit lower, so that your head isn’t directly in line with the corners.

You can adjust the height of your bed (with inexpensive risers) or you can cover your nightstands with fabric so that the corners aren’t pointing directly at you while you’re sleeping.

This will help you sleep better and it will also create a better flow of energy in your room.

feng shui decor

For walls that jut out and “pierce” the space, try adding a plant in front of them to soften the corner.

You can also hang a crystal from the ceiling to disperse the energy so it’s not pointing directly at you anymore. crystal:

Four: Add height to your rooms for more expansion and uplifting energy.

Add uplights, hang curtains closer to the ceiling, and even hang artwork higher (or find taller, larger artwork that takes up more of the wall.)

When you add things to your walls that draw your eyes upward, the energy of the room rises higher too. This helps everyone who spends time in that room feel lighter, happier energy.

Five: Color!

For a while, colors in our homes were trending into more and more neutral territory. Farmhouse white, neutrals, grays – all of those were the norm!

If your home is decorated in the farmhouse / modern / neutral style – that is the perfect backdrop for adding more color into your life!

Colors carry their own vibrations, and can be used very specifically in feng shui to attract the things you want!

Click here to read more about color and easy ways to add it to your home. You can also read about colors that attract more money and also colors that attract good luck!

When it comes to decorating with color: always, always choose colors you love!

You want your home to hold you and your family’s unique personalities — don’t ever add colors just because someone else told you to!

If you do want to add colors that are lucky or that attract money, and you don’t LIKE the color, you can always add it to drawers or under furniture.

Display the colors you love, and use the feng shui color cures as tools to help you attract what you want!

feng shui home accessories

Six: Artwork.

Artwork, like everything in feng shui, carries with it the emotions you feel when you experience it.

Always choose artwork that you love, and make sure that you go through your home frequently (at least once a year!) and remove the artwork that no longer speaks to you.

As we grow in life, different types of art will resonate with us.

If we are in a low point, we might like art that makes us feel sorrowful or angry.

If we are in love, we might choose uplifting and colorful artwork!

The same is true of the pictures we display – they usually reflect where we are at a certain moment in time, and as we go through life, we have to be mindful of displaying pictures that go with how we are currently feeling, not how we were feeling in the past.

If your home is feeling stuffy or stagnant, or if you just feel like you need a change – artwork is a GREAT place to start.

Just changing out one or two pieces of artwork or photographs can make your entire home feel different!

When deciding where artwork should go, or what type of artwork to choose, think about the room’s purpose.

Bright, colorful, and active artwork is always better for rooms like offices, living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens — areas where there’s lots of activity and you want to to keep it feeling energetic and uplifted.

Calming artwork with soothing colors is usually better for bedrooms, meditation rooms, or yoga spaces — areas where you want to feel rested and refreshed.

Seven: Trust your instincts.

If things in your home are feeling strange, or you suddenly get the urge to move things around — trust yourself!

feng shui decor ideas

When I first started learning feng shui, I realized that a lot of things in my home were naturally in places that aligned with the feng shui bagua map.

I had money items in my wealth area, family pictures in the family/legacy area, and my home office is in the career area.

Somehow, without even knowing feng shui I had naturally placed things in a way that created flow.

Sometimes when it comes to design, we can give our power away to other people who we think know “best.”

But the best thing you could ever do is decorate with things you love and put them where it feels right!

If you start looking at the feng shui bagua map and realize that things aren’t aligned, you don’t have to move everything and start over!

ESPECIALLY if things in your life are going well and you aren’t struggling!

The feng shui bagua map and all of the feng shui resources are TOOLS.

You can use these feng shui design tips to help you decorate, but don’t let them boss you around! Using your instincts and going with how your home feels to you and your family is ALWAYS best.

For example, let’s say you love the color red.

You’re using it in your bedroom, and it’s everywhere. Your curtains, your bedding, your pillows, and your rug!

Most feng shui experts would tell you that red is too intense in the bedroom. It can cause too much energy flow, it can cause problems with your relationships, and it can interrupt your sleep. BUT you love the color and none of those things are happening to you!

If that’s the case, follow your heart and KEEP THE RED!

The most important feng shui design tip is LOVE.

And love for your home and what’s in it will create the flow and good energy you desire – no matter what!

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feng shui home design tips

feng shui design tips for creating the home of your dreams