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How to Use Crystals for Studying, Exams, and Better Grades!

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Are you struggling with focus and motivation?

Do you find it hard to concentrate and remember what you’re learning?

Do you have problems sitting down to study?

Are you suffering from test anxiety?

If so, these crystals for studying can help!

Crystals can help you align your energy and manifest better test scores, increase mental clarity, and even focus your intentions so you can excel in all of your studies.

Here are the best crystals for studying (and how to use them!)

crystals for studying on top of a book

The Best Crystals for Studying

fluorite and quartz crystals on top of a book


Rainbow fluorite is known as the student’s stone, and it’s probably the best crystal for studying.

If you can only choose one crystal to help you with memory, recall, and learning new things, choose fluorite!

Fluorite can increase concentration and mental clarity during study sessions.

It also helps you organize your thoughts so that what you’re studying makes sense to you!

It also decreases stress and has grounding properties, so you can even use it to help you with exams.

clear quartz point on top of a book

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is known as the master healer because it can be used for ANYTHING you need help with.

It can be programmed with any intention.

It also balances all chakras, creates clarity and harmony, and amplifies the energy of other crystals.

It’s the “universal crystal” that makes everything better!

polished smoky quartz

Smoky Quartz

If you struggle with negative thinking, poor concentration, and confusion – smoky quartz can help!

Smoky quartz is a grounding and centering crystal, helping cleanse and protect your aura from negative energy.

It can also clear confusion and muddy thinking, helping you organize your thoughts and communicate them more clearly.

It can help you get your life in order so that you can find more time to study and work on your goals!

black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is most well-known for its grounding and protection properties, but it can also help with focus and concentration!

It can remove outside influences, negative energies, anxiety, and frustration.

If you are easily distracted or need help believing in yourself and your abilities, use black tourmaline!

black agate stones

Black Agate

Black agate is known as a success stone, helping you move past things that are holding you back.

It helps with resilience in stressful times, helping you feel more steady and secure in yourself and your abilities.

It also stabilizes your energy so that you can harness your courage and strength.

green aventurine crystals

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is a stone of good luck and opportunity.

It helps you be in the right place at the right time so that you can manifest your dreams!

Green aventurine also increases creativity, motivation, success, and decision-making abilities.

Even better, green aventurine increases positive thinking and optimism in the face of challenging situations.

polished tiger's eye crystal

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye can increase confidence, willpower, inner strength, and stability.

It also protects you from negative energy while giving you the courage to go after your dreams and desires.

Tiger’s eye can reduce fear, anxiety, and stress.

It also sharpens the mind and helps with quick thinking!

polished lapis lazuli stones

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is great for students because it increases memory and focus.

It also enhances wisdom and intuition, helping you tap into your higher self and higher realms.

It also helps with communication and active listening, helping you remember what you’ve been taught in class and communicate it during tests and assignments!

honey calcite crystal

Honey Calcite

Honey calcite helps with learning and developing skills, giving you the confidence and persistence to follow through.

It helps with courage and motivation, clarity of thought, and enhances creativity.

It can also calm and focus your mind, which is helpful during studying AND test-taking!

blue chalcedony crystal

Blue Chalcedony

Blue chalcedony reduces stress, fear, and frustration while increasing self-confidence and inner peace.

It also clears and balances the throat chakra, which can help with public speaking and communication.

It’s also known for opening your mind, helping you understand new ideas and learn new languages!

pile of malachite stones


Malachite is the stone of transformation.

It helps you get over things that are holding you back, even bad habits and negative behaviors.

If you are ready to change your life and use your power to create change, malachite is the crystal to use!

It can also help you get over procrastination and take action toward your goals!

polished black onyx crystal

Black Onyx

Black onyx increases willpower, motivation, grounding, focus, and inner strength.

It activates and balances the root chakra, helping you feel secure in yourself and your abilities.

It can give you the strength and stamina to follow through on long study sessions.

It can also help you feel more grounded and secure during tests!

garnet crystal


Garnet increases your feelings of self-empowerment and determination.

It can help you set goals and have the willpower and positive energy to go after them.

It also increases passion and success!

Garnet can help you get excited about your trajectory in life and feel confident enough to get there.

polished hematite crystals


Hematite is grounding and centering, helping you clear confusion and take practical action.

It increases productivity and organizational skills while reducing overwhelm and frustration.

It also protects your energy from outside influences as well as negative vibrations and clears negative thinking!

blue apatite crystal


Blue apatite boosts memory, concentration, and intellect.

It helps you achieve your goals while also increasing intuition and inspiration.

It also opens the throat chakra, helping you communicate more effectively.

Use it when you have papers to write, long-form tests to take, or even when working on group projects or public speaking!

pyrite cluster


Pyrite is most well-known for attracting good fortune and abundance, but it’s also a powerful crystal for focus and motivation!

It increases your personal power, stamina, and willpower.

It also attracts success and opportunities. Use pyrite whenever you need to take confident action or when you could use some extra creativity and motivation.

tumbled lepidolite crystal


Lepidolite is a stone known for its stress-relieving properties because it soothes anxiety and balances emotions.

It can help you quiet your mind and remain optimistic during times of stress or challenges.

polished aquamarine crystals


Aquamarine increases courage, perseverance, and motivation.

It also soothes anxiety and depression and helps with mental clarity.

It opens the higher chakras, helping you organize your thoughts and communicate them more clearly.

clear calcite crystal

Clear Calcite

Clear calcite cleanses negative energy and removes energetic blocks, creating clarity and clearing confusion.

It can clear your mind so you can learn and recall information more easily and quickly.

It also enhances memory and increases positive thinking.

citrine crystal


Citrine is known as the merchant’s stone, because it’s often kept near cash registers to increase wealth and abundance in business.

But citrine is also known for its sunny energy, increasing positive energy, joy, and clarity of thought.

It can help you feel optimistic, increase your energy and vitality, and be more confident.

It also attracts success and good fortune!

sodalite crystal


Sodalite enhances logic, rational thought, and discipline.

It opens the upper chakras, helping with intuition and wisdom, but also increasing your ability to absorb new ideas.

It also increases confident communication and self-expression!

rough blue sapphire gemstones

Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire boosts logic, organized thinking, understanding, and comprehension.

It increases attention to detail while helping relieve frustration and irritation.

You can use blue sapphire for long study sessions, especially for subjects that are technical or complicated.

It also helps with communication skills and intuition!

carnelian crystal


Carnelian increases willpower, confidence, stamina, and motivation.

It can give you a creative and energetic boost when you need it the most!

Carnelian can help you take charge and create positive change in your life.

If you’ve been struggling with your studies and need to get reenergized to reach your goals, carnelian is the crystal for you!

It can reignite your ambition and drive so you can get everything done.

crystals on top of a stack of text books

How to Choose the Best Crystal for Studying (for You)

Which crystal for studying is the best? Whichever crystal you feel drawn to the most is the one that will enhance your studying the most.

Because crystals carry vibrational energy, your body is very intuitive.

If you use crystals for a while, you’ll find that the crystals you’ll be most drawn to will change over time.

That’s because your energy needs different things at different times.

So if you have several crystals for studying, you might find that you pick up a different one every time you sit down to work, and that’s perfectly fine!

One crystal doesn’t really work better than the other – it’s just that your energy changes and sometimes you’ll find you need something different.

You can also choose the crystal based on your intention or your needs.

If you have a specific test you’re studying for, you might choose one that enhances mental clarity and recall, like fluorite.

If you have problems concentrating while studying, you might choose one that increases focus and determination, like black tourmaline.

Whichever crystal you choose can be programmed to hold your intention, so you can’t get it wrong! Trust yourself!

How to Use Crystals for Studying and Test Taking

You can use crystals to help you study in so many different ways. You can:

  • Wear them as jewelry.
  • Keep them in your pocket.
  • Place them near you while you study.
  • Keep one on top of your textbook to program it with information.
  • Keep one in your room’s feng shui knowledge and wisdom area.
  • Create a crystal grid that holds your specific intention.
  • Create crystal water to drink while you study.
  • Or come up with your own ritual!

One tip for using a crystal for studying is to come up with a specific way to use your crystal and use it each time.

For example, if you have a specific test you’re studying for, it can be helpful to keep your crystal in your pocket or on your desk.

When you sit down to study, touch the crystal and repeat your intention to yourself.

This infuses your crystal with your intention, but it also creates a ritual that signals to your brain you are working towards a specific goal.

It can help you get into the studying state.

Then when you sit down to take your test, keep that crystal in your pocket and repeat your affirmation right before you start.

This will put you back into the state and help with recalling information!

Of course, do whatever works best for you, but the more habits you can build around using your crystals while studying, the easier it will be to return to that state when you’re in class or taking tests!

Don’t forget to cleanse your crystal before you start using it, or after you’ve met a specific goal you’ve set. That will reset its vibration and get it ready to hold your next intention!

crystals for focus while studying
crystals for concentration while studying