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does your home have bad feng shui? 9 signs you should feng shui your home!

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does your home have bad feng shui? 9 signs you should feng shui your home!

When you first start to learn about feng shui it can seem like there are so many rules and so many things you can do. 

You might be wondering: how do I even know if I should feng shui my home?

Is there some way to tell if my home already has good feng shui? Is there a way to tell if my home has bad feng shui?

Today we’re going to discuss the 9 signs that you should feng shui your home!

bad feng shui

One: Do you feel a lot of bad or negative energy in your home?

Do you not want to be in your home? Is there a specific room that no one spends time in or that always seems to go unused? Does your home feel dank, dark, or heavy? Do you feel a sense of dread?

Any of these things is a good sign that your home will respond well to feng shui. 

Feng shui is all about energy flow and how to create a home that feels good to you and your family.  It goes beyond “design” and is all about how your home feels. 

Your home responds to the energy that you bring into the space, but it also responds to the energy of the items you’re keeping in it. 

If you never seem to use a room, or if you just feel bad when you are in certain areas of your home, then those are the rooms that might have bad feng shui. 

Start with the intention of creating a home that feels amazing, where you and your family can create the life of your dreams, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a home that has good feng shui.

is your home unlucky

Two: Is your family arguing a lot?

Does it seem like no matter what happens, people aren’t getting along? Are there certain rooms or certain items in your home that tend to start arguments? Do you argue over clutter, the garage, the attic, certain rooms, the kitchen?

When a home has poor energy flow, lots of broken items or items that need repairs, lots of clutter — all of those things contribute to arguments and negativity in your home. 

Sometimes you bring the negative energy in (like if you come home from a bad day at work, for example), but sometimes the home’s energy is creating the negativity! 

You are a product of your environment.  If you always argue over the dishes, clutter, not being able to park in the garage, or lots of broken things that need to be repaired, then that could be a sign of negative energy piling up in your home.

Three:  Do you really not like your home? 

Have you always kind of hated it or felt uncomfortable? Did you know when you moved in that you didn’t feel “right?” Is there a certain room that you don’t like being in or that no matter what happens, you can’t seem to bring yourself to be in there?

Stagnant or stuck energy can cause these kinds of feelings, which is a good sign that you can use feng shui to change them! 

Sometimes the energy of the home is there before you move in — either from previous tenants or the home just being in a spot that is collecting negative energy. 

But sometimes the negative energy just piles up because of the way you’re using the space.

Feng shui can give your home a fresh start. 

You can also create a smudging routine to clear the negative energy in your home. 

To get rid of the negative energy, consider smudging at least once a week for a month or so while you implement more feng shui changes. This will keep the energy clear and make room for new, improved energy! (Click here to read more about how to smudge!)

how to feng shui bad luck house

Four: Are lots of unlucky things happening to you?

Does it seem like every bad thing that could happen is happening all at once?

Sometimes the things we consider bad luck can be happening inside the home – maybe you break a mirror, trip and fall down the stairs, all of the light bulbs start burning out at once, or you just feel extra clumsy all of a sudden. 

Sometimes the unlucky things could be happening outside of the home too.

For instance: losing your job, getting into a car accident, losing something important to you, a tree falling on your car or your car being damaged by hail — these things may seem unrelated to your home, but you can actually use feng shui to help change the bad luck momentum!

Any time you feel like lots of things are happening to you that are just “bad luck,” no matter what those things are, you can use feng shui to change the energy around! 

You basically want to create more ease, grace, and flow in your life in order to get the good energy and good fortune flowing again!

This is easy to do with feng shui, and once you get going it will spill into all areas of your life! (Click here to read more about how to create flow and get unstuck!)

Five: Your wealth and finances are unstable. 

Maybe you seem to be losing a lot of money, or money doesn’t come when you expect it, or you have other unlucky things happen with money.

When it happens a lot and all at once, it can seem completely overwhelming and many of us don’t really think about how we can use our home to change it! 

It goes back to creating more flow in your life and changing your home with the intention of that being reflected into your finances. 

Money was one of the first things I focused on when I learned feng shui – it changed my circumstances so much (along with other money mindset work) that I became hooked on using my home to change things! (Click here to learn how to change your luck with money!)

bad feng shui house

Six:  Your relationships are unstable.

Is everyone in your life arguing? Do you keep losing romantic partners, or are you finding it difficult to find a romantic partner? Are you losing lots of friends or are people just acting weird and more distant than usual?

Sometimes we have things in our home that are causing chaos in our relationships and we don’t even know it.

For example: old photographs of exes displayed, lots of objects and pictures displaying yourself as single (when you’re actively looking for a partner,) lots of clutter in your relationship area – sometimes even old clothes you keep meaning to get rid of can block attracting a new relationship or cause problems with the current one!

Feng shui can help you figure out which items are blocking your relationships and create more flow!

Seven: Insomnia or trouble sleeping.

If you or someone in your family is having trouble sleeping, feng shui can really help!

Lots of times insomnia is created by some kind of stress, but if you can’t really pinpoint what is causing it, creating a restful bedroom with feng shui can calm everything down. 

If there are lots of energizing items in your bedroom (clutter, electronics, things stuffed under the bed, work in the bedroom, lots of books or plants, bright lights) removing them can help your body rest. 

Electronics and energizing items keep your body awake – even if you don’t realize it!

Removing them and using other feng shui tricks to make your bedroom a calm and restful place can definitely help you sleep better. (Click here to read more about how to create a better bedroom with feng shui.)

Eight:  Illness you can’t seem to shake. 

If you or someone in your family (or even everyone!) keep getting sick, feng shui can help remove that illness energy that is recreating the same health cycles over and over. 

Many times when we keep getting sick it’s because there’s some kind of energetic cycle that we just aren’t seeing or can’t seem to get rid of. 

Whether it’s because things need to really be cleaned and aired out, or just because everyone has gotten into the feeling of being sick, feng shui can help clear that energy. 

If you don’t feel well and using feng shui just seems overwhelming – start with opening the windows and curtains and letting in the sunshine and fresh air. 

Airing out your home after an illness is very important, and the sunshine will lift your spirits and also burn off the old, stagnant energy. 

After that, you can start using more feng shui tips to create flow and clean out your space — clearing out your home of the old energy will help everyone feel refreshed and renewed!

home with bad feng shui

Nine: Breaking a lot of things. 

Sometimes this goes with the unlucky things happening to you, but other times it could be things specifically breaking in your home. 

Each area of the home corresponds to a different area of your life. (Click here to see a picture of the feng shui bagua map and how to use it in your home!)

So if things keep happening (especially in a certain area of your home) it could be a reflection of something else going on in your circumstances.

Things like water leaks, appliances constantly breaking, the garage door breaking over and over, plants dying in a certain area of your home — all can reflect imbalances going on in your life. 

Once you fix the imbalance, the things in your life will usually stop breaking too. 

Leaks tend to reflect emotional problems or hidden emotions (let’s say you hate your job and you can’t figure out how to leave it so you’ve just accepted it — sometimes that can cause leaks!)

Or let’s say you have something happen with your carpeting – floors tend to represent our foundations, so if we don’t feel safe for some reason, it can show up as problems in the flooring.

Use the bagua map and see if the problems are corresponding in the areas of your life that are experiencing upheaval or other issues. 

This can help you feel more in control — you’re not going to keep worrying that something is happening!

But it can also give you a direction to go in and where to start to use more feng shui ideas to smooth things out.

Obviously you really can’t blame every bad thing that ever happens to you on bad feng shui in your home. But using feng shui to create more flow and good energy in your home will always help! 

If you feel like your home is really unlucky or could use a little boost, you might want to try:

house has bad feng shui

does your home have bad feng shui? 9 signs you should feng shui your home!