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can i use the 369 method more than once?

Can I use the 369 method more than once?

YES! You can use the 369 manifestation method as many times as you’d like!

If you find that the 369 method works for you and you are manifesting everything you want quickly and easily, then keep going.

Use the power of 369 with all of the different things you want to manifest in your life.

The sky is not even the limit!

can I use the 369 method more than once? - journal and glasses

Using the 369 method more than once – example 1:

You are using the 369 manifestation method and what you wanted manifests more quickly than the 33 days.

In other words, you’ve got what you wanted and you’re not even finished with the method.

In this case, go ahead and start the method over with something else that you want.

Can I use the 369 method more than once – example 2:

You get to the end of the 33 days and your manifestation hasn’t happened yet.

In this case, you should also start the method over with a different manifestation you’d like to call into your life.

Don’t start the method over with the manifestation that hasn’t come yet.

Here’s why: When you set an intention for the Universe to help you manifest something, you have to trust that the Universe is working to bring it to you.

After 33 days, it’s better to let that intention go out into the vibrational world and work for you.

Trust that it’s coming and that it just hasn’t happened YET.

If you start the 33 days over, you are basically focusing on the fact that it hasn’t happened.

You’re focusing on the absence of what you want, not having what you want!

You’re in the vibration of “It hasn’t happened. It’s not working.” That’s the opposite of what you want to be focused on!

In this scenario, moving on to another manifestation intention is a lot better.

Not only will you stop concentrating on the manifestation you’ve already worked on, but you also are working on bringing in even more!

You’re showing that you have trust in the Universe and your vibration to work on your behalf.

In fact, the more you can concentrate on the feelings of having what you want, the more quickly ALL of your manifestations will happen!

For example, if you make a list of everything that you’d like to happen for you in the next few months, you might find that you have a BIG list.

Pick one thing from your list and start the 369 method.

Do it for the full 33 days (unless your manifestation happens earlier.)

Then move on to the next one.

Once you’ve done a few rounds of the method, reassess and see what’s happened in your life!

Have you gotten everything you wanted so far?

If so, then YAY! Celebrate those wins!

If not, just know that it hasn’t happened YET.

It’s not that it won’t happen. In fact, a lot of times the things we want happen when we aren’t even paying attention.

That’s because you’ve told the Universe what you wanted and let everything align in your favor.

The key is to trust and believe everything is always working out for you — no matter what.

For any manifestation method you use, you want to feel joy and happiness.

You should trust that it’s working and helping you align your vibration with what you want.

Only continue using the method if you feel happy and excited while you’re using it.

If it starts to feel like a chore or it’s frustrating and you don’t want to do it anymore, try something else!

You can always try other manifestation methods and then circle back to the 369 manifestation method later.

For more information about the 369 method, see this post: How to do the 369 manifestation method