5 crystals for confidence & self love

These are the five best crystals for self love and confidence!

You can:

Carry them with you to align your energy.

Use them while meditating to increase feelings of worthiness, self-esteem and courage.

Place them in your home's feng shui love area to increase harmony in relationships.

Keep them next to your vision board or manifestation journal to help you create a life you love!

Rose quartz for all the love and harmony vibes.  It's great for loving yourself AND others! It helps you open your heart to give and receive love.

Carnelian for courage, self-esteem and self-worth.  Carnelian helps you create a life you're madly in love with!

Tiger's eye for self-confidence, inner strength, and wisdom.  It helps you feel grounded and calm in the midst of chaos.

Strawberry quartz for pure joy, wisdom, and compassion.   It helps you move towards your dreams with creativity and inspiration.

Red Jasper for clarity and honesty with yourself.   It can help you transform your ideas into action, while staying grounded and true to yourself.

Choose the self love crystal you feel most drawn to - you can't get it wrong!

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